The Google Messages app on Android devices starts showing the reactions of Apple's iMessage app as emoji instead of annoying text that can cause embarrassment, which often appear in mixed group chats, and indeed this feature has been released and is working for some.

In the Messages app on iOS and Mac devices, users can add a reaction like a heart, thumbs up, laughter, question mark, or exclamation point, all of which appear as annotations on the iMessage app. These reactions can also be used on “green bubble” messages from users Android, but Android doesn't interpret it correctly and can lead to embarrassment.

For example, if you are writing a message on the iPhone to your Android friend and put a heart on the message, for an iOS user he will see a small heart on the message, but on the Android system, it displays it in a text, for example “loved” and then the text of the message. This applies to all iMessages reactions, as Google converts them to text in a way that seems strange, especially if Android users are not familiar with iMessage reactions.

9to5Google looked at some code in the latest Google Messages beta update and discovered that instead of displaying iMessage interactions as text, they would be translated into emojis, and of course it would be a much better solution for Android users.

At the moment, it's not clear exactly how this mod will work, we haven't tested it yet, but it might be expected that Google Messages will detect incoming reactions, for example if they are "like" it will be answered with the emoji 👍 may be below the intended message and not above it as in iMessage.

So displaying an iMessage reaction emoji will avoid some embarrassment in the interactions between iOS and Android users going forward, if Google eventually decides to implement this change and update it as it should.

It is worth noting that some users have reported that the feature has already appeared for them, which means that Google has begun to try it extensively and launch it already.

Have you experienced such reactions before? How did you feel about her? What do you think about updating Google to support these reactions? Tell us in the comments below.



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