No one likes spam calls. Whether it's sponsored calls, stats businesses, a scam scheme trying to get you to give up your personal information, or just wrong numbers, ringing a device IPhone Your constantly getting weird contacts you might not want to talk to on the other end is annoying. Fortunately, iOS allows you to silence unknown callers and avoid unwanted calls.

For Beginners: How to Avoid Unwanted Calls on iPhone?

Feature to avoid unwanted calls

When Silence Unknown Callers is turned on, any calls from unknown numbers will automatically go to your voicemail without your iPhone ever ringing and calls will continue to appear in the Recent Calls tab of the Phone app So you can still see the numbers that called you and then choose to call them back.

With this feature turned on, you don't have to worry because your iPhone won't silence all calls, but will continue to ring from incoming calls from people in your contacts, recent outgoing calls, as well as Siri suggestions.

How to Silence Unknown Callers on iPhone

If you want to use the new Apple feature so that your time is not wasted on unwanted calls, you can turn on the feature to silence incoming calls from unknown callers by following these steps:

  • Go to settings, then phone, tap on phone.
  • Click Silence Unknown Callers.

Activate the feature

That's it. Now unknown callers will go straight to voicemail and your iPhone won't ring at all In addition, if you feel like the feature is blocking too many calls and you want to turn it off again, you can do that by following the steps we mentioned above and make sure Just that the on/off switch of the feature is greyed out.

Note that activating the feature may make some important calls not reach you, such as calls from the bank or any company you deal with.

Do you receive a lot of annoying calls? How do you get rid of this inconvenience? Tell us in the comments



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