Apple Releases Free Audio Repair Program, More New MacBook Air Leaks, Windows Are Finally Approaching New Macs, And Other Exciting News On The Fringe…

News on the margin week 21 - November 25

Apple launches free audio repair program for iPhone 12 in the UAE

Some users have found that their iPhone 12 devices have problems with not hearing sound when making calls through their iPhone 12, and Apple launched a program to fix this defect for free several months ago in other countries, but the program soon arrived in the country The United Arab Emirates. So if you bought the iPhone 12 between October 2020 and April 2021 and suffer from this problem, you can go to the official Apple Store in Dubai (Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates) or Abu Dhabi (Yas Mall) to have it repaired for free.

More leaks about the new MacBook Air

It seems that the leaks and suspense will not end, as many reports expect the new MacBook Air to come with a completely new design, a thinner body and the new M2 processor, and the famous and tapered edges of the MacBook Air will be eliminated and adopt a design that is actually thinner but equal in thickness in all its parts. Reports also indicate that the device will have a screen with mini-LED technology used in the iPad Pro and the new MacBook Pro to improve the image and color contrast significantly, and finally indicate that the color of the keyboard and the edges around the screen will turn white like the new i-Mac.

Personally, I wish the screen edges would stay black...

Windows Approaches New Macs With Apple Processors

It's common knowledge that you can't install Windows on Macs with Apple processors like you could on older Macs (except by using Virtual Machine programs that many users don't like or know about), but that's not because of Apple but because Microsoft had a deal With Qualcomm, the latter helped Microsoft program Windows for ARM processors, in exchange for Windows ARM working on Qualcomm processors only. But the good news is that this deal is about to expire, and when it does, Microsoft will have the ability to allow Windows on the Mac just like the good old days.

UK fights weak smart home device security

Have you ever bought a router/modem (Wi-Fi)? Most likely you have found a standard password placed on the back of the device in order to turn it on. This may have happened with many other devices such as smart home devices, etc. The researchers discovered that many users do not change the passwords of these devices to strong ones, which exposes them to hacking, as the standard passwords set by the company are very weak and repeated across all devices of its manufacture. So lawmakers in the UK decided to enact laws to prevent companies from using weak and duplicate passwords for these devices and to put in place really strong passwords that ensure the user's security if they are not changed.

Of course we recommend that you use strong passwords for everything especially for your home devices, of course you don't want someone to intrude into your home cameras or maybe PDAs.

Twitter and issues with iOS 15

In the past hours, a problem appeared to be widespread in Twitter with iOS 15, as the program frequently logs out users without asking them. Twitter is aware of the problem and the company has issued a statement saying that it is aware of the problem and is being fixed, and advises all users to upgrade to the latest version of the app as soon as it is released.

Apple will warn users targeted by the Pegasus program

After the news of Apple suing NSO, the maker of the Pegasus spyware, -Read more here- Another statement was issued by the company that it will notify those whose devices have been targeted through the program, and this includes many politicians, journalists and others, and security notices have already been sent to several users, including researchers and activists in Thailand.

Additional reports confirm Apple's release of its own communications chip and antenna

A new report was issued regarding Apple's design of the chip and it seems more confident in the company's ability to launch its own communications chip in the year 2023, and Apple currently relies on chips from Qualcomm for communications features such as cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but the company has long had a dispute with Qualcomm as That the latter sells the chips to Apple and also requests fees related to patents in these chips as a percentage of iPhone sales.

Apple temporarily stops selling its devices in Turkey

Turkey is currently going through an economic crisis related to inflation and high volatility in the currency rate, meaning that the exchange rate of the Turkish lira is constantly changing, and therefore Apple decided to stop selling its devices in Turkey, whether in the actual affiliated stores or on the website, and the only comment issued is that the sale will return when The Turkish lira is stabilizing again.

AirTag's competitors merge to improve competition

Do you remember Tile, my friend? I also don't remember it, as it wasn't that famous around the world anyway, Tile specializes in making trackers similar to Apple's Airtag and was the biggest in the market until Apple announced its own product and took control of the tracker market as it benefits from the number of users Giant iPhone. But Tile is not willing to join Apple's Find my network, so it can't reach the same number of users.

In an effort to increase their number of users, Tile has merged with another tracking device company called Life 360 ​​and it is believed that this will increase the number of Tile users tenfold, but is that enough to rival a billion iPhones?

The Italian authority fines Apple and Amazon 225 million dollars for (fixing prices)

Apple agreed with Amazon some time ago to prevent any companies other than those authenticated by Apple from selling iPhones or Beats headphones on Amazon, and the accusations included an explanation that this activity prevents different sellers from competing on the Amazon platform and thus making price cuts for the devices Thus, the price is “fixed”. Of course, both companies objected to the ruling and expressed their intention to appeal the ruling to stop it.

Apple car with fully autonomous driving may be released in 2025

News circulated for a long time about Apple’s attempts to design an electric car with full self-driving functions, and even the company’s failed attempt to buy Tesla, but new reports from Bloomberg newspaper indicate that its sources have predicted optimism within Apple that their fully self-driving car could be announced in the year 2025, i.e. three years only!

Do you think their car will work for iPhone owners only? 🤔

Android watches are back in competition with the latest Samsung releases

Google announced at its last developer conference that it is collaborating with Samsung to improve the Wear OS system for its smartwatches, and it seems that this is already paying off as Samsung’s Android smartwatches have increased sales of the system significantly, as Google-powered devices reached 17% of smartwatches compared to 22 % in favor of Apple, after the Google system did not exceed 4% of smart watch sales before.

New investigations into the negative impact of Instagram on children

Several US states are investigating the negative effects of Instagram on children after scandals prove that Facebook's own internal research has acknowledged its negative impact on children, but the company has refrained from making necessary changes to the application to make it safer.

Miscellaneous news

◉ YouTube's move started dropping the dislike button's counter to spread, causing anger from many users, as they were using the number of dislikes to find out if the video was good or bad before watching.

◉ Apple is postponing the feature of adding personal cards and a driver’s license in the Apple Wallet to the beginning of 2022 after it was scheduled to be launched in the United States at the end of this year, when will it reach the Arab world?

◉ Facebook is postponing the use of End-to-End encryption by default for all Messenger and Instagram messages until 2023 (at least).

◉ After a period of working from home, Apple employees will start returning to work in the office part-time starting next February.

◉ Facebook is paying content creators up to $50 to use its new Live audio feature in order to compete with the Clubhouse app, which suddenly increased in popularity after its launch.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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