Almost none of us does not use one of the Google services and applications, whether the search engine, YouTube, mail, maps, and others. Google is known to track its users all the time even if you turn off location history, but the company's other services are still able to store your location data. Once you open the Google Maps app or use the search engine on your device, Google has your approximate location in a timeline. How do you protect privacy and prevent Google from knowing where you are?

track your location

Turning off location history only removes where you were from the Google Maps timeline feature, which records your location with certain data at a specific time. The Google support page says that even when location history is turned off, some location data may still be saved in other settings. Like activity on the web and in apps.

 Google says that it uses this data to make features more personalized and useful and that this information is never shared with third parties or advertisers but if you are uncomfortable about being tracked all the time and knowing where you are, you can prevent this without any problem, although a history of Your location and data when you use any Google app but turning off location services and deleting your location history can help hide your location.

Note: Although Google's settings may seem intrusive to some and violate privacy, they also help provide a highly personalized online experience such as helping people find nearby businesses or seeing personalized ads and providing users with more relevant information rather than random information. Know that turning off Location History will cause you to lose your experiences or be less efficient.

How to stop Google tracking your location

To completely stop Google's ability to track your location, here's what you need to do:

Open the website on the iPhone and then log in to your Google account or enter directly to manage your account

In the Privacy and personalization box, select Manage data and personalization

Scroll down to Activity controls and choose Manage Activity Controls Turn off Web & App Activity Settings

What will happen after stopping the location history in Google?

Turning off this setting prevents Google from storing location tags associated with certain actions, stops storing information collected from searches or other activities, and keeps your approximate location and other places you go, such as your home address, private.

Finally, turning off tracking for Google means you'll see less relevant ads, less useful search recommendations and generally get a less personalized experience with the search engine and its apps and services, so you can maintain your privacy and miss out on a personalized Internet experience or continue to see relevant ads and search suggestions instead of more Unfiltered random information at the expense of knowing your location and privacy, what would you choose?

Important clarification

Google uses all kinds of tracking, not only knowing your location, but it monitors the use of applications, what programs you have opened, visits to parking lots, and it makes something like your own file to allocate the advertising that targets you. So you may not need to do this step because I use the iPhone and he will not be able to follow me on the iPhone...Maybe this is true but do you only use the iPhone? Do not open any of the Google services on any other device? Doesn't even open Google apps on iPhone? In the end no one is unattended by Google.

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