The iPhone Islam application, thanks to God, is constantly updated, and we have added one of the wonderful features in this application, which is the Al-Story feature, which contains many short and useful stories, but what still distinguishes the iPhone Islam application from other applications specialized in Apple news is the section Tools In this article, we will briefly explain each tool and its usefulness.

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charging alarm

The idea of ​​the basic charging alarm tool is that sometimes you need to go out, but you discover that your phone is not charged enough, and the best thing to do is charge it up to 80% because after this percentage the charging is slower and then to preserve the battery it is preferable to charge to this percentage only in the middle During the day, the task of this tool is after placing a phone in charging, it will alert you when this percentage or a lower percentage you choose is reached, and also gives you an approximate time when the charging will end. It also enables you to know the speed of the charger that you are using and whether it really works efficiently or not.

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Whatsapp (click and chat)

We often need to start a WhatsApp conversation without registering the number in the contacts, such as sending the location to a delivery agent or others. This tool makes it easier for you. By clicking on the WhatsApp tool (click and chat) you will be able to type the phone number and then press the (send message) button and start Chat instantly on WhatsApp. The wonderful thing is that it is a smart tool that identifies phone numbers around the world and identifies the country key, using any other tool you need to put the country key and delete the zero from the phone number, but the WhatsApp tool (click and chat) recognizes the country key if you put it, and if you don't put it you choose your country You automatically put the key to it and configure the number to be accepted by the WhatsApp application.

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save videos

There are many applications that provide the service of saving videos from social networking sites, but what distinguishes this tool is the speed and direct saving in the photo album without any additional steps, and this tool was developed in the latest version of the iPhone Islam application to be much better and enables you to download videos or Pictures from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and this is the only tool that offers you very high quality videos without a watermark from the Tik Tok application.

Note: This tool only shows you when you use the app, read articles and comment. So if you don't see it immediately after downloading the app, just use the app, read the articles, and follow us, and it will appear to you.


Country of Origin

The tool enables you to know the country of origin of any product and not the country of manufacture, and this is done by scanning the barcode that is on the product by the iPhone camera, the tool is very useful if you are buying a product and want to know the location of the company behind this product, because often the barcode is added product from the parent company.

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Image search

This tool offers a feature that many may need, which is to search for the source of the image, or related images, all you have to do is select a photo from the photo album and it will be uploaded to a Google search engine to search for this image online. Another feature in the image search tool is the option of a link to the image, and the image is uploaded to the Internet and a link to share is obtained, and this is sometimes very useful, and the wonderful thing is that this image is not published publicly, but rather is a private image that only those who have the link can see.


Image Processing

This tool uses the latest research in the field of artificial intelligence to modify the images, and you can delete the background of the image, color it, or turn the faces into a cartoon shape. This tool requires a subscription to the iPhone Islam app.

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PDF Factory

PDF files are great because they are supported in all operating systems, you can make a PDF file that contains text and images and share this file with anyone and they will not find it difficult to open and read the file regardless of their device, the PDF factory tool is very easy to use, add an image, add Text, and create a PDF file in no time.

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Video Converter

This tool compresses the video to reduce its size to about half while maintaining the video quality as much as possible, and this is very useful for sharing the video through social networking applications, especially when the Internet is weak or you want to send the video quickly. This tool also enables you to convert video to audio only and share the file directly or save it to your device.


Cut the video

Many social networking applications only allow short video clips, for example, WhatsApp only allows 30 seconds for a video clip when making a story, and this tool enables you to divide long videos into several clips, each of which is specified for the duration of your choice, and these videos are saved in a folder Photos in your phone to use in social networking applications.


text to voice

This tool is unique as it converts texts into an audio file using Siri voices, and you can share this file or use it in videos, also the tool shows wisdom that you can change by pressing the round arrow button and therefore it may also be a tool for you to enjoy many famous quotes.


Hijri calendar

This is a simple but important tool, as it enables you to quickly convert between Hijri and Gregorian dates, and you can also share the date easily. This tool uses the Apple calendar, we know that the Apple calendar may not be suitable in all countries, so we will work on a setting to adjust the date according to your country.


The best in the app store

Sometimes you may want to know the applications that are circulating in a particular country, for example, I like to see the Arab countries and know the most downloaded applications in these countries. The country of the store and see the most downloaded applications, whether free or paid.

Note: This tool only shows you when you use the app, read articles and comment. So if you don't see it immediately after downloading the app, just use the app, read the articles, and follow us, and it will appear to you.


Apple TV support

Apple TV support

This smart tool gives you Apple customer service numbers with ease, and for any country… It is not a requirement that you communicate with Apple from the country in which you reside. You can communicate, for example, with Apple in America, and this is preferred for everyone who can speak English. Apple Support is smart enough to show you at the top of the list which country you're in, and also list your best options afterwards.

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