The iPhone is a very useful device as it can handle a lot of different tasks without any problem, and while some people know the features that the iPhone can do, there are others who may not be aware of all the features in the device and for this we will review 10 tricks that are not Known by many about the iPhone introduced by Apple.

Apple posted on its official YouTube channel A new video clip, in which I explained some of the tricks and features that many iPhone users may not know, and the tricks are as follows:

If you accidentally entered a wrong number in the Calculator app, you can swipe left or right at the top of the screen to clear the number, and long press the number to copy.

Beginning in iOS 15, you can pin content such as web links in a Messages conversation by touching and holding the item you want to pin and pressing Pin.

You can organize the applications on the home screen on the iPhone by adding widget applications on top of each other, touch and hold an empty space on the main screen, then drag a widget and place it on another of the same size and so you will have more than one widget in one place and you can move between them with all Easily stacks 10 widgets of the same size.

To select more than one image and add it to other applications, touch and hold any image and then drag it to another part of the screen while holding it and tap additional images with another finger and so on to create a group of images and then go to the application you want to add the images to while continuing to press the group of images Then lift your finger and you will see all the images in the application.

When you type texts frequently, you can make a shortcut to type a sentence quickly, for example, to create a shortcut such as “omw” which means “on my way” or on the way, open the settings and click on General, then keyboard and then keyboard shortcuts, put the sentence and the short text.

To open the camera without unlocking the iPhone, swipe the lock screen to the left.

You can scan documents and papers through the Notes application, click the camera button in the application and then click on scan documents and then place the document in front of the camera and after completion click on save.

Starting with iOS 15, you can copy and paste speech from the real world by opening the camera and trying to show the text inside the frame of the camera until it turns yellow and then tap on check text and then you can either copy the text, search the web, translate it to any language or even Share it.

If you're in the middle of a bunch of photos and want to go back to the first photo in the Photos app, all you have to do is tap at the top of the screen.

To quickly access search and Siri suggestions from the Home screen, swipe down from the middle of the screen.

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