Some users complain about the battery life of the Apple Watch, as the new Apple Watch 7 comes with the same battery life as the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch 3, and neither of them can go more than one day without charging, in this article we offer you a set of tips that improve battery life Apple Watch, you may need it at some point in travel or other when you can't charge the watch anytime soon.

How long is the Apple Watch battery life?

The Apple Watch battery lasts for about 18 hours, which is the same as the Apple Watch 5 and 3 battery life as well. The watch's battery life rating depends on several factors, including iPhone pairing, a record number of notifications, and tracked activities.

Apple asserts that within that 18-hour time frame, the Apple Watch can perform 90 scans, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use, and a 60-minute workout including playing Bluetooth audios.

But most of us only watch that much, and if you're using Family Sharing on your Apple Watch, you're likely to struggle more because of the shorter battery life.

Compared to its competitors, the battery life of the Apple Watch is the shortest, compared to charging the competing watches at least once every five days. Some Apple Watch users believe that the battery is good enough, and some suffer from draining it, but in the first and last, this depends on how you use it, and in the end everyone has to charge his watch daily.

How to make your Apple Watch battery last longer

Above all, make sure you download the latest version of WatchOS, a few updates can help improve battery life, and know that you have to sacrifice some features and you will notice a significant improvement in battery life, and these tips will help you at a time when you may need to keep your watch running for the longest possible.

Remove unused apps

Most of the apps on the Apple Watch must be connected to the iPhone. This requires moving information back and forth, not to mention the time you spend on apps that drain your battery life. Just select the apps you need:

◉ On the iPhone, open the Watch app and then the My Watch tab.

◉ Scroll down to the list of installed apps, and select the app you want to remove.

◉ Disable app display on Apple Watch.

◉ Deleting apps directly from Apple is faster.

◉ I know that Apple Watch games are fun, but they drain your battery a lot, so consider deleting them to protect your battery life.

Reduce iPhone notifications on the Apple Watch

There is no doubt that receiving notifications on the Apple Watch from any application on the iPhone is a good thing. But you have to give up some of them to save extra life for the watch battery. Here's how:

◉ Open the Watch app and then My Watch tab.

◉ Click Notifications

◉ Scroll down to the Mirror iPhone Alerts From section or mirror iPhone notifications from.

◉ Search apps and turn off alerts from any apps you don't need notifications from.

◉ The less your iPhone searches for notifications from these apps, the more battery power it will save.

Turn off Apple Watch Activity Reminders

Although they are often useful, and if you can do without them, turning them off can help a lot in extending battery life overall. Here's how to cancel an activity reminder:

◉ Open the Watch app and then My Watch.

◉ Click on the Activity.

◉ Click Turn Off Notifications, if that's your preference.

◉ And if you still want some notifications but not others, you can scroll down and turn off other reminders as you see fit.

Disable "Hey Siri" on Apple Watch

When the watch face is on, the watch hears “Hey Siri,” meaning that it uses a little extra battery power every time you look at your watch. -fone.

◉ Open Settings on the Apple Watch, or open the Watch app on the iPhone.

◉ Tap on Siri.

◉ Turn off listening for “Hey Siri.”

Turn off background app refresh

Background App Refresh automatically refreshes apps in the background so that the latest information is displayed instantly when you open the app, but turning this function on means that any apps you open in the background drain your Apple Watch battery life. When this is turned off, only apps used in the watch face will continue to update in the background. And to do this:

◉ Open the Watch app on the iPhone, then the My Watch or My Watch tab, then General.

◉ Then turn off background app updates.

◉ You can also selectively turn off Background App Refresh for certain apps if you don't want to turn it off completely.

Turn off automatic downloads

When you download an app on the iPhone, it's automatically downloaded to the Apple Watch if there's a version for the watch. This connection between devices is draining battery power. You should turn off these automatic downloads to save battery power, and instead manually add the apps you want to see on your Apple Watch under the My Watch section instead. To turn off automatic downloads on your Apple Watch:

◉ Open the Clock app on the iPhone, then My Watch, then General.

◉ Turn off the automatic installation of the application.

Turn off haptic feedback

Tactile feedback is one of the main causes of energy drain. Apple Watch will trigger a "vibrate" haptic alert to let you know that a notification has arrived, you can turn this off to save power. To do this:

◉ Open the Clock app on the iPhone, then My Watch.

◉ Tap Sounds & Haptics.

◉ Turn off Haptic Alerts.

Stop getting up when you raise your wrist

When you raise your wrist, the Apple Watch screen automatically lights up so you can take a look at the time, notifications, etc. This function constantly alerts the watch, intentionally or unintentionally. You can turn off lift to wake up and use screen tap instead. This will definitely help you save battery life throughout the day. To do this:

◉ Open the Clock app on the iPhone, then the My Watch tab, then General.

◉ Tap on Wake Screen.

◉ Then stop getting up when you raise the wrist.

◉ Turning off wake up on Crown Up and auto-playing of audio apps may also save battery.

Reduce transparency and movement on the Apple Watch

You can reduce the transparency and movement on the Apple Watch in order to improve battery life. To turn on Reduce Transparency and Reduce Motion on your Apple Watch:

◉ Open the Watch app on the iPhone, then the My Watch tab.

◉ Click on Accessibility.

◉ Tap Reduce Motion, then activate Reduce Motion.

◉ Turn off message effects automatically.

◉ Go back to the previous screen and turn on the option to reduce transparency.

Use a simple watch face

The simpler your watch face, the less power it consumes. The black pixels on the Apple Watch require less power than the white or colored pixels. Also, the large number of details on the watch face affects the battery life. To do this:

◉ Open the Watch app on the iPhone and then the My Watch tab.

◉ Tap on the Face Gallery tab at the bottom of the screen.

◉ Here you can scroll through your various options for watch faces.

◉ Tap on one of the simple watch faces to edit.

◉ Customize your watch face by selecting the colors and other settings you prefer.

◉ Scroll down to the Extras section. If you find the word “Activity” or another setting, you will need to click on it to change it. If the section says “Shutdown,” it means that the extensions are already turned off, and if not, you can turn them off from the top.

◉ Go back to the previous screen, and tap Add to set the watch face.

Turn on Grayscale

There is no doubt that many colors consume energy, and black uses the least of them, as well as grayscale and if you want to turn it on, here's how:

◉ Open the Watch app on the iPhone and then the My Watch tab.

◉ Click on Accessibility.

◉ Turn on grayscale.

Use Apple Watch's standby power mode

Power Reserve mode for the Apple Watch is not the same as low power mode on the iPhone, and when you activate it, the Apple Watch will turn into a very normal watch, meaning only the time is displayed. So this will help a lot in preserving battery life. Here's how:

◉ Swipe up on the watch face to open your Control Center.

◉ Tap the percentage, which shows how much battery you have left.

◉ Swipe right on Power Reserve or Power Reserve at the bottom.

◉ Click Continue to activate.

◉ To turn off Power Reserve mode, simply restart the watch.

That's all you can do to preserve your Apple Watch battery for longer if you are in a situation that requires it, and if you know another tip let us know in the comments.



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