An application that enables you to fully control what your children watch on YouTube, and one of the best medical applications in the Apple Store, and an application that uses video subtitles in any language, then translates it to your preferred language, and more in the options of the best applications of the week as chosen by the editors of iPhone Islam represents a complete guide Saves you effort and time searching among piles of more than one 1,930,882 In application!

IPhone Islam Picks for this week:

1- Application Safe Tube

Do ads for the clips your kids watch while browsing YouTube hurt you? Do some of the clips that you see in your children’s browser hurt you when you discover that they are following them? Would you like to make safe, pure and beneficial options for your little one? At the same time, you harness technology to benefit from it in raising and entertaining your little one without harm? If this application is the convenient solution for you, and provides a great benefit to the community as a whole, without YouTube ads, you can choose the channels and clips that you want to allow your child to watch without harm to his eyes or creation, and the safe Tubi application enables you to register an account for each of your children, and log out of it from your mobile without The need to use a child's device. Complete control over what your children watch, an essential application for every home, download it now and try it, and share this application with everyone you know. Together for the pure breeding of our young ones.

Safe Tube
Size71.2 MB
Available on the software store

Note: Most of the apps are free to download or free for a limited time, but some may contain a monthly subscription, ads, or additional paid features.

2- Application WebMD

One of the best medical apps in the Apple Store and it has many features, the best of which are: Symptom Detector - Choose your symptoms, and the app will try to identify possible conditions and search for treatment and care options. Medication Reminder - Never miss a dose, you'll receive reminders when it's time to take your medications, as well as photos and information for each medication. Your health condition - Find medical information about conditions that are relevant to you and learn more about related causes, treatments and symptoms. Drug Interaction Checker - Finds and identifies harmful and unsafe combinations of prescription drugs by entering two or more of the respective drugs.

WebMD: Symptom Checker
Size99.4 MB
Available on the software store

3- Apply Self Clicker

This application offers a very useful addition to the Safari browser, as we mentioned before now with the iOS 15 update, you can install add-ons for the Safari browser to provide you with these add-ons tools while browsing, and this application offers a very useful tool, which is to reload the page every certain time, and this is what we need while trying to access To a page that may be out of service, for example Apple Pages during the launch of a new product, this add-on will automatically reload the page. Not only that, also if you need to read a long article or book, this add-on can help you drag the page at the right speed for you so you can free your hand and just look at the article or book.

Auto Clicker +
杰 李
Size137.1 MB
Available on the software store

4- Application MobiLine

Although we do not need new communication applications, the reviews of this application are good, it is a video or audio chat application and it is free, and now for a limited time even delete ads from the application for free, so you can try it and tell us if it is really worth it or not, or should To be satisfied with the application of FaceTime and other video and audio communication applications.

MobiLine: Video Chat Messenger
MobiLine, Inc
Size184.9 MB
Available on the software store

5- Application zTranslate

Are you watching a YouTube clip in a foreign language but there is no language subtitles that you prefer, this application solves the problem and will use video subtitles in any language, then translate it into different languages, and it supports more than 110 languages, including Arabic. This solves a big problem for many of us.

zTranslate - Translate Youtube
dong huu quan
Size84.4 MB
Available on the software store

6- Game Skill Zone

This game was recommended by one of our followers, and it is a really fun game. You have to complete 12 tests in reaction speed, memory, strong observation, information and more, but these quick puzzles are really fun, the drawback of this game is that you have to have good English, because you have to understand the description of the puzzle to be able to solve it.

Skill Zone - Play to the top
Pallav Agarwal
Size22.0 MB
Available on the software store

7- game Mimelet

One of the adventure games that simulate the famous Mario game, and it is really fun for fans of this type of games, through a great adventure! Jump on top of enemies to steal their powers and overcome any obstacles along the way. An adventure characterized by simple, fun and challenging puzzles.

Gionathan Pesaresi
Size38.9 MB
Available on the software store

Please don't just be thankful. Try the apps and tell us which one is better in the comments. Also, you should know that by downloading apps, you support the developers, so they produce better apps for you and your children and thus the app industry thrives.

* And do not forget this special application

BG Remover AI
$ 1.99
Size22.8 MB
Available on the software store

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