Apple's value exceeds $3 trillion, new Airpods Pro headphones, many announcements at CES 2022 and more in news on the sidelines...

Apple is worth more than $3 trillion

After Apple's rapid rise in the past two years in market value and exceeding the value of 2 trillion dollars, here is the company breaking the need of 3 trillion dollars in market value, and this value exceeds the domestic product of major countries such as the United Kingdom and India.

New Airpods pro rumors


It is reported that the upcoming Airpods Pro headphones will come with support for Lossless audio, i.e. uncompressed (somewhat) and it is rumored that the charging case will be able to emit a sound so that you can also track the case when it is lost, not just the headphones when it is outside the case.

Is Google paying Apple not to create its own search engine?

Apple Search Engine

A new lawsuit filed against Apple and Google alleges the illegality of Apple taking Google as the default search engine on its devices in exchange for large sums of money paid by Google. In this area.

Goodbye BlackBerry

Before I entered the world of the iPhone, I owned two BlackBerry Curve devices, and I used to run one of them from time to time, but the company announced that support for these devices will stop completely this year, and you will not be able to rely on them to do basic tasks such as calls and text messages and emergency calls, depending on your local networks, this decision may be delayed. The company also stated that despite the discontinuation of production and updating of devices years ago, it has supported the oldest devices as a thank you to its loyal users.

Goodbye BlackBerry, you will live on in our memories.

Let's send each other a PING!!! last…

Google is trying to keep up with Apple's ecosystem

Google has announced its plan for the new year, and keeping up with Apple is at the forefront of the goals as the company wants to make an integrated hardware ecosystem as Apple does, and this started with announcements such as that a Google watch with Wear OS 3 will be able to unlock an Android device using the watch like iOS.

The company also announced that the Android system has been modified to allow the addition of quick pairing, head tracking and automatic device change features when using wireless headphones, similar to the Apple headphones.

Sony announces PSVR 2 headset

As the company did with the PlayStation 5, it has confirmed the name of the new virtual reality gaming glasses, which will be called PSVR 2, without showing us the image of the device itself, and more information should come in a separate event later, but we already know some details about the glasses as they may It has better eye-tracking features, increased gameplay realism, and approximation shakers than the PlayStation 5 controller.

Announcing the OnePlus 10

The new OnePlus 10 phone comes with a camera design that is slightly similar to the Galaxy S21 phones and the latest Snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor from Qualcomm.

Qualcomm teams up with Microsoft again

The chip-producing company announced a new agreement with Microsoft to produce chips that can be used in products such as augmented reality and virtual reality glasses, but are the two companies reaching the important goal? Isn't it a way to compete with Apple's M1 chips on computers?

Intel announces a lot of new chipsets

The new Intel chipset comes with very big improvements compared to the previous year, but its problem is still the need for power greatly, and it is mentioned that the most powerful in the similar category, the i9-12900HK, could not beat the M1 Max processor with a real difference in the creative work tasks in the tests carried out by Intel It is stand alone and is selected to show the best performance.

AMD promises to play on a slim device

It is known that gaming laptops are thicker and more energy-intensive, while those that are thin and light do not have that ability to cool, which makes them unsuitable for many tasks that require high graphics capabilities, such as games. So AMD launched its new laptop processors with an integrated graphics processor that enables you to play modern games at 1080p low settings at 60 frames per second (FPS) in a light machine that does not have a dedicated graphics processor.

Advertisement Apple key door lock

Apple announced a while ago that the iPhone Wallet app will be able to store things like driver's license cards and house keys, and Schlage has announced the first lock that works with this feature so that you can unlock your door using the iPhone, and this luxury comes at a price of $ 300 Or approximately 1100 AED, excluding value added.

It's common knowledge that every technology is pricey in its infancy, so I'm waiting for it to spread and the price to drop.

Samsung remote control with wifi

Samsung has announced a controller for its TVs that can charge its battery via radio waves from a Wi-Fi device at home and can also use solar energy for charging, but many doubt that these advantages will be practical because Wi-Fi power is so low that it cannot charge anything permanently effective.

Maybe we should leave it in the sun to recharge 😀.

BMW color changing car

BMW, the famous luxury car manufacturer, announced its project to create a car that you can change its color by pressing a button. This is done by covering the car's exterior with a layer of electronic ink (E Ink), as used in Kindle e-readers.

Are you asking what if the coating is scratched or the car rubs against another? There is no answer yet as it is an experimental technology and does not have a release date soon.

The next generation of under-screen fingerprint

Qualcomm announced the new generation of fingerprint recognition technology through the smartphone screen, and the technology comes in an area that is 70% larger than its predecessor and is faster by 50%, and it is likely that we will see this technology soon in the upcoming Galaxy device from Samsung.

Many electric cars

Many companies have announced their expansion in the field of electric cars, including GM, the manufacturer of Chevrolet cars, building cars for users, advertising cars for freight, BMW of course and Volvo, as Sony announced! Its intention is to enter the world of electric cars through a project under trial (pictured above). Will their technology finally come with a PlayStation built in the car? So that the car becomes my integrated home and I dispense with the house.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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