Important security update for iOS, Galaxy S22 and Facebook build the most powerful computer in the world, WhatsApp ads everywhere, and other exciting news on the sidelines!

News on the sidelines: Week 20-27 of January

Next iOS update may accept card payments

News on the sidelines: Week 20-27 of January

There were reports this week that an upcoming update (maybe iOS 15.4) may support credit card payments on the iPhone, meaning that someone can pay you money by touching their bank card on the back of your iPhone using NFC technology.

It is mentioned that you could already do this on the iPhone, but you needed services provided by third-party applications, and the update comes to make receiving payments easier without additional applications.

Galaxy S22 is close, and you can order it now

Samsung announced Its next Unpacked conference is on February XNUMXthThe company has also put an option to pre-order the phone on the site where you can pre-order the phone without seeing it in the first place 😀 Surely this is an option for loyal users.

Google watch coming?

Many Android users are hoping that Google will release its own smartwatch to rival the Apple Watch in quality and integration with the system, and the wait has been long for years, but this week the famous leaker John Prosor who leaked the Airtags design correctly said that the Google Watch will be announced on the 26th From next May, he has also said that he will update the date if there is any change. Will Google finally release its watch?

Minecraft competition cuts off the Internet for an entire country

During an international competition for the famous Minecraft game for a prize of 100 dollars, Adnorra Telecom, the only Internet provider in Andorra, was surprised by a DDoS cyber attack for several days that led to a glitch that cut off the Internet to the entire country of Andorra. It appears that the team that carried out the attack on the communications network aimed to prevent the Andorran team from winning the award.

Facebook is building the most powerful computer in the world

Meta Company (formerly Facebook) announced the completion of the first phase of the artificial intelligence supercomputer that it is currently building for the goals of the virtual world that the company wants to work. Undisputed.

Frankly, I began to worry about all this power in the hands of this untrustworthy company, someone must dismantle it somehow.

Apple may leave Samsung screens in 2023

Many know that Apple manufactures iPhone screens in Samsung factories, which is the largest OLED screen manufacturer in the world, but new reports indicate that Apple wants to manufacture iPhone screens at the Chinese BOE factory, which Apple began supporting and contracting with nearly a year and a half ago. .

Tunisian company AI raises $100 million in funding

artificial intelligence company InstaDeep The Tunisian (centered in Tunisia and London together) is a startup that has raised nearly $100 million in business funding for its businesses and has invested in it by many well-known companies, such as Google, BioNTech, Chimera Abu Dhabi and other major investment companies and funds.

iPhone No. 1 in China

For the first time in six years, the iPhone was able to reach No. 1 in sales in China, and it is known that it is difficult for a non-Chinese company to reach this rank. Samsung has tried before and failed, and this is due to the Chinese market’s dependence on local services, Severe user tendency to buy Chinese phones from companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei, as the Chinese government supports these companies.

No more MacBook Pro 13 inch?

New rumors suggest that the 13-inch MacBook Pro will finally be scrapped...a logical move as it's not much more powerful than the current MacBook Air but costs $200-300 more. It is preferable for those who invest in a device at this price to buy a MacBook Air and increase the amount of RAM to 16 GB.

Next Windows 11 update supports Android apps

Microsoft announced when Windows 11 was released that it will support downloading Android apps at some point, but the feature hasn't been turned on yet, but the company said this week that the next update to Windows 11 will support running Android apps on Windows. Are you excited about this feature?

The beginning of enactment of laws against tracking AirTags

Finally, legislation against tracking using AirTags has begun to be issued, as the US state of Pennsylvania is drafting a law to criminalize tracking third parties using Apple's AirTags tool, which should be used to track personal items.

Facebook cryptocurrency expires

Two years ago, Facebook tried to issue a digital currency (Cryptocurrency) called LibraOf course, this currency did not succeed for many reasons, including the lack of confidence in Meta (Facebook) and the legislation that may be imposed on it, and now it is finally dismantled forever. Goodbye Facebook coin. We wrote an article about this coin before, you can read it for more.

The iPhone will not come with headphones in France

When Apple removed the iPhone headphones from the box, French lawmakers forced the company to include headphones in the device's box, but new legislation in France will allow companies to remove the headphones from the box, and the legislation aims to reduce digital waste in order to preserve the environment and Earth's resources.

Apple is changing the policy for education offers in America again

Last week, Apple imposed conditions to ensure the identity of the buyer when obtaining discounted education offers from its devices, but this week the company retracted the matter and anyone could buy at these reduced prices again, but the company set limits on the number of products that each person can buy .

WhatsApp supports Focus feature and more

Have you noticed WhatsApp ads everywhere these days? Personally, I've noticed a lot of ads on the Instagram app, especially, and the company has accelerated the pace of app updates, changed it, and added features to support iOS features like Focus, which it supported this week in its latest update. It seems that Facebook (Meta) has a plan to put ads soon on WhatsApp and wants to expand the user base.

Apple releases new personal safety guide

With the rise of concerns about malicious use of location data and the spread of Airtags devices, Apple has released a new guide to dealing with personal security and location data to ensure your safety greatly. You can read the manual Here via this link.

Apple releases iOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2 for everyone

Apple updated its operating systems this week, iOS 15.3 was released, which is a very important security update and you can Read the guide for iPhone Islam to update from here. An update for the Homepod device was also released, as well as the macOS 12.2 update for Mac devices, which contains several new features and also security updates similar to those in iOS.

We advise everyone to update immediately due to the severity of the vulnerabilities.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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