At the moment, pat hack Violation of privacy is common for anyone who connects to the Internet, as we have become vulnerable to multiple and different attacks, and for this reason, the British National Center for Cyber ​​Security (NCSC) from time to time publishes a set of tips that every user must follow in order to avoid exposure to any hacking attempt, and during the following lines we will learn about 8 tips to protect your sensitive data and iPhone from hackers and prevent any attempt to spy on us or access our personal files.

Update the operating system and applications

We will mention it again and again, you need to update your device because this is the easiest way to avoid getting into any trouble. If the company that makes your device and its operating system fixes a vulnerability, the only way to stay safe is to update your device and you can update your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Software Update and if there is an update available, it will appear to you and you can start installing it One click and leave the rest on the device.

Receive mail from someone you don't know

You should always be careful when you receive an email from someone you do not know, and even better, be careful if the message is coming from someone you know because there is a phishing method that has become common where the hacker impersonates someone you know after hacking his mail and then tries to try to hack you or request Money or even asking you about sensitive information, also do not let your curiosity control you and open any suspicious email, link or attachments, because they are often harmful and will put your privacy and security of your device at risk.

Check links before opening them

Low Data Mod

often used Hackers Links that look like real, but if you look closely, you will find that they are fake, like “”, where you receive a message that your Instagram account has exposed you to hacking and you need to change your password. Similar to it and so when you enter the password it gets hacked and your account is hacked.

Reboot the device regularly

There are a lot of benefits that come from restarting a device IPhone your regularly. Not only will this help clear some memory and improve performance but you can also get rid of malware as some malware lives in the active memory that iPhone uses to run system and apps and by restarting the device, you will get rid of any malware or prevent it from working. Make it frequent and restart your iPhone at least once a week.

iPhone encryption

Even if the iPhone is better in protection than Android, this does not mean that it is impervious and therefore you need to create layers of protection to make it more difficult for hackers by using Face ID or Touch ID and do not forget to add a passcode because once a device is locked IPhone Your data and account are encrypted and if you decide to use a password, make it long and a mixture of letters and numbers so that the hacker will need years to hack it. Also, do not choose easy-to-guess passwords such as your date of birth, your name, the name of a family member, and so on.

Use a reliable VPN

Using a virtual private network (VPNOne of the best ways to stay safe when you're online. Not only will it become more difficult to hack your devices, but your sensitive data such as your location or your IP address will be safe from hackers, ad tracking companies and even organizations and governments as VPNs encrypt and hide your traffic and thus you can surf the web securely and without detection. Your identity.

Disable location services

Your location is a very valuable piece of information not only to hackers but also to advertisers and this means that you should try to keep it hidden as much as possible and while a VPN prevents tracking based on your IP address it will not help you when it comes to apps that can simply access your GPS (GPS) directly to your device. For this, you need to turn off Site services GPS and only grant permission for certain applications that work only through location services.

Sensitive data

Our smart phones can be described as the hideout of our secrets and all of our privacy, and penetrating it means the wrong person’s access to your sensitive data that you don’t want anyone to see. That’s why it is probably best to avoid keeping a lot of personal and sensitive information on your device, and so on in case of hacking. IPhone You will not be afraid and worried about the files that the hacker may access, and all you will be sad about is the amount you paid when buying the device only.

finallyUnfortunately, no device is unhackable, but that does not mean that it is easy to get into so the more careful you are, the easier it will be for you to stay safe. Your iPhone is less vulnerable to hacking. There is a difference between having your device hackable by any hackers, even if it is a beginner, or being exposed to hacking only by security authorities and professionals.

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