If you have been using the iPhone for a very long time, you certainly know how to deal with it well, but if you are new to the iPhone and Apple devices, the method of closing the iPhone or making a restart may cause you frustration, and the process becomes more complicated with the latest devices and the system last run. It is not limited to the side button or what was previously called the power button or the power button. If you click on it now, you activate Siri, unless you disable this through the settings, cancel Siri shortcuts, and as we mentioned above, using the buttons on the iPhone 13 has become more complicated, especially with regard to turning off the iPhone. Here are all the ways to shutdown and restart your iPhone.

For Beginners: 8 Ways to Reboot iPhone

Close the iPhone using the buttons

Note that the buttons must be pressed directly in the same order and not separated by a large time interval.

◉ Press the Volume Up button once.

◉ Press the Volume Down button once.

◉ Press and hold the side button, then release it when you see the iPhone shutdown menu.

◉ Swipe right on “Power off”.

◉ Wait for about 30 seconds to turn off the iPhone.

This option may be longer but you will avoid showing Medical ID, if set up, and Emergency SOS options. If you want the emergency options and medical data to appear, do the following:

◉ Press and hold the side button and one or both of the volume buttons, all at once.

◉ Release the buttons when you see the power off menu, then drag the power off.

◉ Then wait for about 30 seconds to turn off the iPhone.

This option is shorter but appears with Medical ID, if set up, and Emergency SOS options.

Turn off the iPhone through Settings

If you don't want to press any buttons, you can turn off your iPhone through Settings.

◉ Go to Settings, then General, scroll to the bottom and tap the Power Off button.

◉ You can also use the search for “turn off” from the search tool in the settings to get there directly.

◉ A shutdown menu will appear just like the first option, drag on it directly to power off, then wait for about 30 seconds to turn off the iPhone.

Turn on the iPhone using the buttons

It is known to everyone when you turn on the iPhone, just press and hold the side button of the iPhone until you see the Apple logo, and you can also press the side button once for the same thing. Then you will be required to enter the passcode.

Turn on the iPhone using the charging cable

Another way to turn on the iPhone is to connect it to the power source using the charger cable for the iPhone of all kinds, and it will work as soon as it is connected to any power source even the computer, after a few seconds, you should see the Apple logo. If it does not happen, the battery may be completely discharged due to the iPhone being closed for a long time, and the solution is to change the battery with a reliable one.

Turn on the iPhone by wireless charging

You may not need a charging cable, just put the iPhone on the wireless charging pad or attach it to the Magsafe charger and it will work directly.

Force restart the iPhone

If you encounter an issue with the iPhone such as lagging or not working properly, or it can't be turned off using one of the options above, try to force restart it, known as a hard reset, and to do this:

Quickly press the volume up button, then quickly press the volume down button, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen, it usually takes 5-10 seconds for the logo to appear.

Restart using AssistiveTouch

A force restart is the only option above to restart your iPhone, however, it is not recommended unless there is a serious problem. This is because force shutdown will suddenly cut everything and not go through the normal, healthy iPhone shutdown procedure.

And the best way to restart the iPhone is by using the AssistiveTouch ball, which can save you time and effort instead of the button method. and to activate AssistiveTouch.

◉ Go to Settings - Accessibility - Touch - AssistiveTouch, then activate it. The circle will appear on the screen, and when you tap on it, it will give you a set of controls for your device.

◉ Now, tap on the circle and go to Device - More - Reboot. A confirmation pop-up window will appear after clicking Restart; Click it to restart the iPhone.

And if you do not want this circle to appear on your phone screen because it is annoying to you, add a shortcut to call it whenever you want and act quickly instead of going to settings every time to activate and deactivate You can add AssistiveTouch as an accessibility shortcut.

◉ Go to Settings - Accessibility - Accessibility shortcut.

◉ From the list of features, tap “AssistiveTouch” and then activate it.

◉ Now all you have to do is triple-click the side button to make the AssistiveTouch circle appear and disappear as often as you want.

◉ Another way, albeit a slower one, is through the Control Center, tap the Accessibility icon, then “AssistiveTouch.”

And if you don't see the accessibility icon, go to Settings - Control Center and add it.

And if you'd prefer to use the accessibility shortcut for a different feature, another way to quickly toggle AssistiveTouch is with a back tap.

◉ Go to Settings - Accessibility - Tap back or Tab back. Next, select either "Double-click" or "Triple-click" and set "AssistiveTouch" to it.

◉ Then, tap on the back of the iPhone two or three times, depending on your choice, and AssistiveTouch will appear and tapping again hides it.

Restart the iPhone by voice

If you are the lazy type 😂 and don't prefer using buttons or AssistiveTouch, another way to restart your iPhone without touching it is through a simple voice command, and you should know that voice control is not Siri, because Siri cannot restart or turn off the iPhone -fone.

◉ Go to Settings - Accessibility - Voice Control, then activate it.

And if you're enabling it for the first time, follow the onscreen setup process first. Once you get past that, you'll see a blue microphone icon in the status bar by the time, indicating that your iPhone is listening and ready to receive voice commands.

Now, say "reboot device," and the iPhone will do the command immediately, and you'll only see options to confirm the shutdown.


As you go through the process of setting up Voice Control, you can control whether or not it is enabled using Siri. Just say, “Hey Siri, turn on Voice Control” or “Hey Siri,” turn off Voice Control. Or summon Siri by holding down the side button to activate Siri if you don't want to say "Hey Siri."

Enter the iPhone in recovery mode DFU Divo Mode

This method works from iPhone 8 and later

◉ Connect the iPhone to your computer.

◉ Quickly press the volume up button.

◉ Then quickly press the Volume Down button.

◉ Then press and hold the side button until you see the “Connect to PC” logo. And don't release the button when you see the Apple logo.

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