With a focus on learning through play, Frenzy Brands To broaden children and youth's understanding of the stock market, business and investment. Players practice the stock market by executing trades in real time and by listing real prices, which facilitates the understanding of concepts and successful methods of trading that many adults still do not have the capacity to deal with, such as the market cycle and how to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies “BitCoin” “.

How to get started with a site Frenzy Brands

Qom Open the site and log in...

You will be presented with options such as trading in stocks or cryptocurrency

Click on the shares and you will see shares of real companies such as Apple, Adobe and others, and you will find that the displayed price is the real price of the share and this price actually changes according to reality. Now, according to your information, Apple will have a conference soon, and this may be an opportunity to buy this stock (by default) and make profits after the expected rise in Apple's stock after the conference, or you may choose to buy shares of other companies according to your market study and expectations.

Another option is to try buying cryptocurrencies, and is it really if you buy cryptocurrencies at this time that it will lead to profits?

The prices are really the real prices of the cryptocurrencies and you will find the most popular currencies listed on the site.

Trading operations are only for education

The issue is not only a matter of buying, but you must also learn when to sell, and what are the ideal options for buying and selling, and the site has many lessons to learn, and the wonderful thing is that this site is just an educational site and you do not need to buy or pay any money…

The site is only educational and trading operations are virtual operations 

There is always a competition for who makes the biggest profit, and you will find a list of the three best investors on the site, and the wonderful thing is that by clicking on the name of any of them, you can see the operations that he made and learn from his style and method of trading.

There is also a contest entitled “Investor of the Month” at the beginning of each month, where everyone starts with 5000 credit points to buy and sell stocks and cryptocurrency on the Frenzy Stocks game simulator, and at the end of the month the top three players with the most money win cash prizes.

 Enter on the site Frenzy Brands Demonstrate an amazing learning experience

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