Apple revealed during its conference Peek performance About its new screen, Studio Display, which is an alternative to the advanced XDR screen, but at a lower price, and it comes with a size of 27 inches, support for one billion colors, 3 sound isolation microphones, 6 speakers, support for surround sound, 3 USB-C ports, and many great specifications, but there are 4 important features that were absent from the new Apple screen Studio Display , let's get to know her.

No HDR support

Apple introduced the Studio Display as an advanced type for professionals, and this screen works with a 5K resolution and has a very wide 12-megapixel camera and the same nano-layer found in the XDR screen. However, the new Apple screen lacks an important key feature, which is HDR support.

HDR technology stands for High Dynamic Range and is about how you bring out detail in high-brightness and ultra-dark scenes and that's what the XDR screen does. It features a combination of brightness, contrast and color. It has a maximum brightness of 1600 nits, a 1:000 contrast ratio and a color depth of up to 000 nits. 1 bits. That is why it is considered one of the best monitors on the market.

On the contrary, the Studio Display screen comes with a brightness level of 600 nits, and Apple did not mention the contrast ratio during the conference or even on its official website, unlike the XDR screen, and this means that it is embarrassing, however, the price may be a patron saint for Apple because the Studio screen Its price is $ 1599 compared to the price of the XDR monitor, which is $4999.

ProMotion Technology

The lack of HDR isn't the only thing the new Apple display lacks. The Studio Display comes without support for ProMotion technology, which dynamically adjusts the screen's refresh rate up to 120Hz. Meaning, if you're looking at a static image, the refresh rate drops to save battery life. For a game, the refresh rate increases automatically and this gives you an amazing experience, however, Apple chose to remove that feature from its Studio Display even though it would be very useful for the type of users that Apple targets such as content creators and creative ideas.

No Face ID

The Apple Studio screen comes with an ultra-wide 12-megapixel camera and a 122-degree field of view with support for the Center Stage feature, which focuses on you even on the move in video calls, however Apple decided not to include Face ID.

Why was the face print not provided in the new Apple screen even though it works with the A13 Bionic chip, which includes a Secure Enclave (secondary security processor) that protects your face data when using Face ID technology similar to the iPhone 11, all that Apple had to do is Add some sensors at the top of the screen and that's it.

Screen height cannot be adjusted

One of the basics of any screen is the ability to easily adjust its tilt and height and this is what the Studio screen lacks. Although its tilt can be adjusted, adjusting the height requires buying an additional stand and here shows Apple’s endless greed as you will buy the screen starting from 1499 $400 and you can get the stand for height adjustment for $400 (put the screen on some books to adjust the height instead of paying $XNUMX).

finallyApple plans to make its new screen the perfect companion for its Mac Studio to serve as an ideal studio for professionals such as musicians, photographers, XNUMXD designers and developers. However, the Studio screen lacks important key features that every professional needs, so perhaps it is better for Apple to target beginners and ordinary people.

What do you think of this new screen and do you find that its price is appropriate as it is a screen that supports 5K resolution, tell us in the comments



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