After weeks of speculation, Apple has finally announced the date of its next conference to announce new devices. And the date is XNUMXth of March going on in a few days.

This year's puzzle

The conference (which will be broadcast on the Internet) comes under the name “Peek Performance”, which is a play on the similarity between the word Peak, which means peak performance in this context, and the word Peek, which is a peek or simple look, and this means from our point of view that Apple will review faster processors, but You're hinting that this is just a look because the next one will be much faster.


The puzzle indicates that the event will not come with the new iPhone SE only, but will come with a look at new devices with high performance and we expect that the new Mac devices will, of course, with processors from Apple. Maybe a Mac Pro or an iMac? Or maybe the new generation MacBook Air. There are also rumors of a new iPad Air.


You can watch the event live on your MacBook through the Apple website -here- Or on the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or even a channel Apple on youtube -from here- . Or, of course, you can go about your business and your favorite site will make a full summary right after the conference.

What are your expectations for the conference? Do you have any wishes? We're excited about the new Macs and of course the iPhone SE



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