We believe you have now updated your device to iOS 15.4, It was released yesterday This is an important update to Apple's operating system and brings a number of new and amazing features to the iPhone, so let's take a look at the best and cool features coming with iOS 15.4.

 Unlock the iPhone while wearing the mask

After about two years of suffering and difficulty opening IPhone While wearing the mask and not providing an official solution from Apple except through its smart watch, the company finally decided with iOS 15.4 to bring one of the features that everyone was looking for, which is the ability to unlock the iPhone using Face ID while wearing a mask or mask and the new feature works By recognizing unique features around the user's eye area, however, the new feature will unfortunately only be available on iPhone 12 and later due to improvements made to the True Depth camera.

SharePlay from within the apps

Let you feature shareplay Enjoy movies, music, and videos with other Apple device users and in iOS 15.4, you can activate SharePlay directly from the Share button of any app that supports it. For example, you can listen to your favorite song, album, or playlist with your friends through SharePlay within the music app itself.

iCloud Keychain

It seems that Apple is gradually transforming a keychain iCloud A utility that manages passwords for its ecosystem and in iOS 15.4 a new Notes section has been added to iCloud Keychain so you can add a note next to your password and any login details you save. The note might be a password hint or a reminder that you deactivated the account.

New emojis

iOS 15.4 supports the new version of Emoji 14, which brings with it 37 emojis and 75 skin tone options, bringing the total to 112 new emojis, including a melting face, a flashing eye, a dotted line, a saluting face, a tearful face, and more available for you to use to interact and show what Feel it in chats.

“Notify When Run” in acronyms

The new operating system provides an important update to the application of shortcuts, you will see a new option, “Notify on launch.” You can use this option to enable or disable notifications whenever the shortcut is launched, and this is important because these notifications were really annoying.

finallyThere are many features and improvements in iOS 15.4 but these are the top 5 because some of them have been eagerly awaited and others allow us to use our devices more smoothly.

Are there other features you like in iOS 15.4, tell us in the comments



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