With Apple sticking to the beginning of the principle of using the iPhone with one hand, which made it late in the version of the large-screen iPhone, but in the end it succumbed to the demands of the masses, but it cleverly combined the large screen and use with one hand by introducing the feature to drag the screen down Reachability so that you can From reaching everywhere with one hand, and this is good, but it may not be required at times, and you may find the screen goes down to the middle without any intervention from you, and it may not work from the ground up, so what is the reason for this? How do you solve the problem?

Solve the problem of Reachability on the iPhone

This feature is called Reachability, and it helps you get to the top of the screen with just one gesture. To use this feature:

To use the accessibility feature on the iPhone, you need to enable it first from Settings - Accessibility - Touch - then activate Reachability, and you can disable it in the same way.

◉ To turn the feature on on iPhone 7 or later, you can turn on the accessibility feature by tapping the home button twice quickly.

◉ For iPhone X and later, accessibility can be turned on by swiping down near the bottom line on the screen.

◉ So, if it happens randomly, it is possible that you have dragged the bottom of the iPhone screen by mistake, and this is because iPhone screens are very sensitive.

◉ The reason may be from your iPhone case or something on the screen that caused this glitch, so take the iPhone out of the case and wipe it well with a custom cloth.

◉ The problem could be in the home button or in one of the buttons, you must check this, by cleaning it first and then consulting a specialist.

◉ The problem may be in the method of pressing, for iPhone 7 and 8 make sure that you touched the buttons well twice and quickly.

◉ The cause of the problem may be the unresponsiveness of the touch screen on Face ID devices, make sure that the screen works well, and that there is no problem with it such as broken or other.

◉ If it does not work, force restart the iPhone, by pressing and holding the Home button and the Power button together until the iPhone is closed, then opens and you see the Apple logo on the screen.

◉ For iPhone 7, press and hold the side button and the volume down button together until the iPhone is closed, then opens and you see the Apple logo on the screen.

◉ For iPhone 8 and X and all the latest, press the volume up button and leave it quickly, then press the volume down button and leave it quickly, then press and hold the power button until the iPhone is closed and then opens and you see the Apple logo on the screen.

◉ If it does not work, do a reset of the iPhone settings, through Settings - General - Reset - then all settings, the iPhone will be restarted, do not worry nothing will be erased.

◉ The issue may be due to iOS, and you have to wait for Apple to fix the issue in a sub-update.

◉ If the problem is resolved, it is fine, and if it is not resolved, it may be related to a defect in the buttons or the touch screen, and until the repair, you can use the Assistive Touch, and to activate it, go to Settings - Accessibility - Touch - then activate Assistive Touch - With it, you can use the feature with ease.

Are you having trouble with the accessibility feature? And what did you do to overcome this problem? Tell us in the comments.


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