After Apple unveiled IPhone SE 2022Now, the iOS world has a new budget option, aimed directly at iOS users who still keep old devices, and despite its rather low price range, the overwhelming belief is that it is a completely unnecessary product, and if Apple is trying hard to justify its existence, how will it be affected iPhone SE 3 in the presence of other options that may eliminate it in the bud?

Is the SE 3 design acceptable now?

The main goal of buying iPhone SE has always been its price, since its launch in 2016, and it was a strong choice for people who want to experience a phone with strong specifications at the level of performance like the leading iPhone devices at a low price. He was seen as special; The smaller form factor is welcomed in a world of increasing sizes and screens for smartphones.

The design of the iPhone 8 was acceptable in 2020, and Apple was still working on improving the notch, and the iPhone 2020 SE was a good choice for people who still did not accept the notch.

But times have changed, and the notch has now become a reality in the iPhone and other Android phones of different colors and shapes, loved by those who loved it and hated by those who hated it, and we think that now we wish to change it, but the notch has become one of the aesthetics of the iPhone, iOS, and iPhone SE 3 delete both.

Is the speed of the iPhone SE 3 justified?

The iPhone SE 3 contains the latest A15 Bionic processor, which makes it on par with the iPhone 13 in terms of performance, but how does this help the average consumer? We see that the iPhone 8 still offers a great performance. It even handles heavy games and performs well at low settings.

In the opinion of many users, the iPhone SE 3 does not have any tangible benefit over the iPhone SE 2020. Although Apple says that the new SE is almost twice as fast as its predecessor, we doubt that most people will notice that in actual use.

Sure, an app might open half a second faster, even on the iPhone 8, apps open quickly. Slow downloads may be due to slow WiFi speeds or busy network, and the faster chip does not necessarily solve this problem, the speed problem may solve 5G networks but!

And what about its battery?

The use of a 5G modem in the new iPhone SE will certainly make a big difference in speed, but unfortunately this will undoubtedly affect the battery life, given the bad reputation of the previous iPhone SE batteries that could not last for a day, while it was praised iPhone 11 and newer battery performance.

Now take the same battery for the iPhone SE and run 5G, we understand that the A15 Bionic processor made a huge jump in battery life for the iPhone 13, but we don't expect that we will see the same radical leap in the new iPhone SE. Even if it was included with a more efficient processor, 5G would still require a lot of power.

Given that the iPhone SE 3 has a small battery of 1821 mAh, we don't expect it to last much longer than the current SE.

Apple has not yet confirmed the official battery capacity of the iPhone SE 3, and it may be the same capacity as the iPhone SE 2020.

Storage space and price

The iPhone SE 3 can shoot 60fp 4K video, but the 64GB capacity of the base model will fill up quickly, especially considering how much space iOS and most apps take up these days.

Upgrading the storage to 128GB raises the price by $50 to $479, and doubling the storage to 256GB raises the price to $579.

At this price, you can get a new iPhone 11 with a capacity of 256 GB and save $ 30 as well. In other words, you get the same amount of storage in a phone with a larger screen, the same pixel density, a more modern design, and two cameras that support night mode, which are specifications absent from the iPhone SE 3, this is not a much larger battery, similar performance in real use, and all That's for $30 less.

And if you don't need 256 GB, the refurbished iPhone 11 with a capacity of 128 GB will find its price $ 469, or 10 dollars less than the 128 GB iPhone SE 3.


The iPhone SE 3 is the latest Apple device in a familiar form, preferred by some people, especially at its price, which is approximately 60% of the price of the iPhone 13, but it is surrounded by much better options, as the iPhone 11 is much better from the point of view of the vast majority . But the iPhone SE 2020 is a better option for those who want a fingerprint and a smaller size factor, along with strong performance.

If you want the latest iPhone at a reduced price and system updates for the longest time, and if you can not give up the fingerprint and the home button, the iPhone SE 3 is a good choice for you, but given the price value, there are many more logical options.

Which do you prefer iPhone SE 2022 or iPhone 11? Tell us in the comments.



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