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Apple's March 2022 conference ended a few days ago (you can see the summary from hereAnd Apple unveiled new products such as the iPhone SE, the fifth version of the iPad Air, the M1 Ultra processor, the Mac Studio computer and other new products, and as always, Apple does not reveal everything in its conferences, and there were also some small details that many did not pay attention to. So, we will learn between the lines and the most important things that you missed during the Apple Peek Performance conference.

5G technology is incomplete

In addition to the new chip and improvements in the camera, Apple has brought 5G support to the iPhone SE 2022 and iPad Air, but the feature is not fully forthcoming, as both devices lack bandwidth support. mmWave Which gives you ultra-fast 5G similar to the iPhone 13, however it is not a concern because mmWave technology has a short range and is still available in very limited areas at the moment.

Extra memory

Besides the A15 processor and support for 5G networks, it seems that Apple has found space inside the new iPhone to put additional RAM to work IPhone SE 2022 With 4 GB RAM instead of 3 GB, MacRumors discovered this information after seeing a version of Xcode, which is Apple's software development tool for its operating systems, and this means that the new iPhone will provide faster performance while being able to continue to work very efficiently for years. coming.

There is no iMac 27 inch

Some were hoping to get a glimpse of when the device will be announced i-Mac The new 27-inch chip with an Apple chip during the March conference, especially after the company removed all models powered by the Intel processor from its website, but made it clear that the process of replacing iMacs that work with Intel processors will not be soon this year.

Mac Pro with new chip

Before the end of Apple’s March 2022 conference, Cook said, “The Mac Studio and Studio Monitor join the rest of the amazing Mac lineup powered by the Apple Silicon chip, making our transition almost complete as there is only one product left, the Mac Pro, but not today.” This means that the Mac Pro has It gets an upgraded version of an Ultra chip or more of an Ultra chip or maybe a new chip in development that hasn't been revealed yet.

Studio monitor that works with Windows

Apple this week announced a 27-inch 5K studio monitor with built-in camera, microphones and speakers that's compatible with the company's hardware, but can it connect to a Windows device? The answer is yes, the Apple Studio monitor works with a Windows computer but there are limitations, the monitor is connected to a Windows device via the Thunderbolt port which is not available in every computer however the screen will work without any problem and the camera, mic and speakers can be turned on but there are some features Which won't work like Center Stage, Siri, or spatial audio and if your computer doesn't support 5K, the quality when you playback will be 4K or lower.

$400 holder

Come studio screen The new one from Apple is $1599 with a tilt-adjustable base or a VESA adapter to mount it on the wall, but what if you want to adjust the height, then you'll notice Apple's greed because it allows you to buy an additional stand for $400 just to adjust the height of the screen.

Intel Mac Pro is not dead

At the end of the Apple conference, the company introduced a version of Apple Silicon for the Mac Pro, but that does not mean that it will abandon the current Intel models. Rather, the opposite is true, because after the conference ended, the company added the Radeon Pro W6600X graphics card as an upgrade option when purchasing a Mac Pro and Apple doubled the storage space in the base model from 256 GB to 512 GB similar to the Mac Studio.

Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip is heavier than the M1 Max

If you are thinking of buying a Mac desktop Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip, you should be aware of the size of the new Apple device. The Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip weighs 3.6 kg, while with the M1 Max chip, the weight is up to 2.7 kg, and the reason is the extra size To the cooling process, where the new desktop device with the M1 Ultra chip contains a copper thermal unit in order to dissipate the large amount of heat that will be generated by the new Apple chip (M1 Ultra consists of two M1 Max chips), while the version that works with the M1 Max chip has an aluminum heatsink and as You know, copper is heavier than aluminum, so the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip is heavier than the M1 Max.

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