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Apple is developing special financial services, a MacBook Air with a larger screen, and finally sending large files on WhatsApp, the possibility of the return of XNUMXD touch, and other exciting news for this week in On the Fringes!

News on the sidelines: Week 18-24 February

Apple develops its own financial services

Apple has launched many financial services, such as the Apple pay payment service, which is available in many parts of the world, including several Arab countries, but there are other services such as the Apple Card credit card, which is only available in the United States, because some of the financial partners that Apple depends on do not work outside it. . But new reports indicate that Apple is developing its own financial services division so that it can expand these services around the world.

MacBook Air with a big screen coming soon

Strong reports emerged this week indicating that Apple is planning to introduce a MacBook Air with a large screen (15-inch) for users who want more size but don't need the power of a professional MacBook and of course don't want to pay the high price.

Do you wish you had a MacBook Air with a bigger screen? 

More environmentally friendly technology

Apple announced some time ago the use of new manufacturing technology to manufacture aluminum metal in its devices without adding more carbon emissions to the environment and reducing warming, and according to the company’s announcement, the use of the technology began with the new iPhone SE, but new reports indicate that Apple was using technology Clean aluminum since 2019 with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, perhaps as a test before the official announcement.

“No place like Chrome” campaign to lure Safari users

Google wants to increase the share of Chrome users in the market, its complete control is not enough and it wants more. So, the company launched a campaign for iPhone users who browse the Internet through Safari called “There’s no place like Chrome,” in which the company focuses on that users often love the Chrome browser already on the computer, and they can get similar benefits if they switch to the browser on the iPhone instead of Safari.

Correspondence between I-Message and WhatsApp soon?

A new draft law has emerged in the European Union to examine the possibility of forcing messaging application companies to design their applications so that anyone can message anyone else with different applications used, so that users of i-Message, WhatsApp, Messenger and others can message each other without the need to download a special application, but you see Is this workable for the app? Stay tuned for our coverage soon to learn more.

Intense competition for technical staff

Apple has issued new bonuses of between $100 and $200 to its top engineers in the midst of a fierce competition in Silicon Valley where major companies like Google, MetaFacebook and others want the best talent.

It is also mentioned that the demand for programmers and computer systems engineers in general is very high these days and it is considered one of the wonderful jobs.

Apple increases MacBook Pro orders

Apple this week increased the manufacturing capacity of MiniLED screens in its new MacBook Pro devices amid growing demand for the professional device and screen preference in general, as sales of the device exceeded sales of all similar devices with OLED screens combined.

WhatsApp will allow you to send large files soon

WhatsApp is more than just a messaging platform for many, but the small limit on the size of exchanged files has been pushing users to other programs such as Telegram. So it seems that WhatsApp wants to put an end to this, as the company is experimenting with the ability to send large files of 2 GB through WhatsApp, and the feature may reach users soon.

A bigger prominence for the iPhone 14 camera?

Reports indicated that the emergence of the new iPhone camera will be significantly larger than its predecessor this year, and this comes due to a new camera system that you can Read more about it in our article via this link..

iPhone SE production reduced

In other news, Apple has reduced its orders for the new iPhone SE units, you can read more about the reasons In our article via this link.

Samsung releases a cheaper screen for the Mac

Samsung announced the new M8 screen for its computer, which is strongly inspired by the design of the new iMac with features such as a built-in smart TV and Airplay technology to display video from iPhone and Mac wirelessly, and the screen comes at a price of $ 700, perhaps it is the alternative for Mac owners who do not Want to pay $1600 for an Apple monitor?

XNUMXD Touch is back?!

New patents registered by Apple indicated a new technology that will enable the company to make the new generation of XNUMXD-touch technology in a smaller and cheaper way, enabling it to return it to devices again and add it to the iPad finally, as the iPad never got the technology. Do you miss the XNUMXD Touch feature on the iPhone? We miss her very much.

Google makes it easier to keep trackers safe

The use of personal property tracking devices has become more popular with the launch of Apple's AirTags, but of course there have been many attempts to maliciously use the devices to track people and make thefts and others, so Apple has developed several security features to try to prevent this and also released an Android application to warn the owner of the device when Try to track it, but not everyone will download this app of course. So Google decided to make a feature in Android that alerts users when they are being tracked without the need for separate applications such as Apple's, and this feature may arrive soon.

Clubhouse software and new security features

The developers of Clubhouse audio conferencing software have released a new feature that allows you to hide your communication history in the app, which was previously visible to all. The update comes as a response to the Russian-Ukrainian war, espionage efforts, and hacking.

Twitter stopped on iPhone 6

Yesterday (Wednesday) users noticed that the Twitter app has stopped on iPhone 6 devices, and despite the device's long-term support, the new Twitter app requires at least iOS 14 to work starting this week.

8.5 . clock system problems

Several Apple Watch users have indicated that the fast charging of the Apple Watch 7 stopped working well after the update to 8.5 last week, and several tech magazines confirmed this flaw. Waiting for a solution from Apple.

Apple Won't Repair Any Lost or Stolen iPhone

Apple doesn't repair iPhones reported as lost or stolen for a while, but the Find My feature used to work on those devices. But this week it was announced that the company will not repair any devices reported through the database even if the Find My feature is not working on them. Nice move, we hope it reduces device theft even more.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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