There are many applications of the Qur’an, and this is a wonderful thing. May God reward the owners of these applications and those who are responsible for them very well, but you rarely find professional applications in the true sense of the word that keep pace with modern and comprehensive updates and technologies, and if you find this, this is undoubtedly more wonderful. former, this linkHowever, this time the application was developed terribly, and modern technologies and new features that may be exclusive were added, which make the application of the comprehensive Qur’an a more comprehensive application that you can dispense with other than a group of Islamic applications, so more focus has been placed on a large part of the sciences of the Qur’an as it will come This is other than interpretations, remembrances, and some religious books, and a special live broadcast section of the site Koh Gul For the process of memorizing and studying at the hands of a sheikh, this is not an independent application for children. Here are the most important features of the comprehensive Qur’an in its new look.

Application of the Holy Quran comprehensive

One of the most important features of the comprehensive Quran application

The application supports the floating windows feature on other applications, such as messaging applications.

◉ Looking at the current interface of the application, you will find in it sections that are indispensable for any Muslim in his daily life, such as the Qur’an and electronic reading, and a new section for the application of the comprehensive Quran for children, the correct legal adhkaar, the names of God, and the legal ruqyah from the book and the Sunnah, glorification, books, and the Holy Qur’an broadcast Prayer times, Qibla direction, memorization and conclusion of the Noble Qur’an, and all these sections have been updated and developed wonderfully.

◉ Returning to the Qur’an, you can click on the page to show you a list of other features, which have been updated and add other required and very important sections. It is not stopped at the interpretation section, but other sections have been added after it. Here are the most important details about it.

◉ Index, in which you can search for the desired surah or word. Looking at the wall, you will know that it is Meccan or Medinan through the attached picture on its side, and in which part it is located.

◉ Looking at the search section, you can search by writing or by voice, and in less than a moment the results will appear to you.

And you can click on the mic mark and search by voice, just say the word or the beginning of the verse.

Endowments section

You will also find a “My Endings” tab, in which the verse you added will be saved when you long click on it.

In this section, comments can be made about that pause, and why I stopped here specifically, is it to add a note, contemplation, supplication, or similarities.

Interpretation section

And in it you will find the easy interpretation, the interpretation of Al-Baghawi, the interpretation of Al-Qurtubi, and the interpretation of Ibn Kathir, as well as you will find the interpretation in English.

Objective detail

Below the interpretation section, you will find the “Objective Detail” section, and this is a very wonderful section, in which the text or page you read will be divided according to topics. For example, in the picture at the top, a division of the topics of Surat Al-Fatihah, such as verses of praise and praise for God, then verses singled out God Almighty And exalted be He with worship, then a statement that the Islamic religion is the true religion, and so on.

The strange tab of the Qur'an

The strange section of the Qur’an, which is a science of the Qur’anic sciences specialized in the interpretation of Qur’anic words and the clarification of their meanings based on what came from the language and speech of the Arabs. : Azin: throat, comrades. And they said to him: Do the Arabs know that? He said: Yes, did you not hear the words of Ubaid bin Al-Abras, who said:

So they came rushing to him until they were around his pulpit.

Likewise, when you are reading the Qur’an, if you come across a word that is strange to you and you do not know its meaning, then this section will introduce you to it.

Translation Department

In this section you will find several translations into Arabic from several languages, including English, French, Russian, Turkish and others.

Reasons for descent section

This is one of the most important chapters in understanding, studying and contemplating the Noble Qur’an, which is to identify the reasons for the revelation of verses, issues, rulings, and incidents related to them, and this helps to know their interpretation and understanding them correctly.

Department of Interpretation of the Qur'an

In this section, each word is pronounced separately or added to another word and its pronunciation is written with the phonetic symbols of the English language so that it is easy to pronounce it for foreigners in an easy way, as if he is fluent in Arabic.

Syntax section

This section is of great importance for every in-depth person, specialist, or lover of the Arabic language, its arts and sciences. Now you can learn the parsing of any verse in the Noble Qur’an. Here the word will be pronounced clearly and then a map of its parsing and knowing the parts of speech from the noun, verb, adjective, and other grammar and morphology rules.

Department of intonation rule

In this section, the word is presented and the rules of intonation are explained in it, such as inclusion, concealment, manifestation, elongation, amplification, thinning and much more. This is really wonderful.

Tajweed section

Here, the colors of the letters and their intonation provisions are explained, just press the + sign to show what it contains of explanations on how to pronounce this letter.

electronic reader

In this section, you can communicate with one of the virtuous sheikhs for men, or one of the virtuous sisters for women, and memorize or correct on his hands, and this is the essence of education.


Here you will find the correct daily remembrances of the Muslim by extracting hadiths and explaining their virtues.

The Holy Quran Radio

The application contains three broadcasts of the Noble Qur’an, the Noble Qur’an channel in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, the Prophet’s Sunnah channel in Madinah, as well as Dubai Radio for the Noble Qur’an.


The application provided you with a great closing method, it can alert you if you forgot to continue reading, and you can specify the number of pages, parts or parties that you want to save, and the estimated number of days and the number of pages that are supposed to be read per day. For example, if you choose one part, the expected number of pages per day will be limited to 20 pages.


Here is a great way to determine the qiblah and know your location, whether through the compass or through the map, and when the correct calibration you will find the line or indicator lights up in green, and if the calibration is wrong, it will find it in red. It is also very accurate.

Through the settings, you can customize alerts with prayer times or dhikr and seeking forgiveness, and you can also choose a reader by default.

You can also change the background color to suit you.

Comprehensive Quran for children

By returning to the main page, you will find the comprehensive Quran section for children, and in it you will find a way to memorize your children Surat Al-Fatihah, or Juz Amma, in a fun, attractive and interactive way of the types that children love. The child will hear the verse and then ask him to read it and then be encouraged and given gifts.

To download the comprehensive Quran application

The comprehensive Qur'an

And for Android

We highly recommend the application of the comprehensive Quran, especially after the update because of its very important advantages, as it is considered a comprehensive Quranic library.

Install the app on your device and tell us what you think of it in the comments below.

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