This situation we've all been through, you set up the shot perfectly with the aspect ratio, exposure and zoom level you want, but after you exit the camera app, and open it again, your settings are completely erased and back to default, and you have to reset everything again This is a common complaint among iPhone users, but the good thing is that you can save your camera settings and don't have to adjust them every time. But Apple hid these settings not in the camera app, but in the system settings, where you can save the versatile camera settings you need and not return to default again, here's how.

How to save camera settings on iPhone

We don't know why Apple thinks resetting all camera settings to default is the best thing for the camera. But we can tell you how to change it. Here is the step-by-step guide.

◉ Open Settings and scroll down to Camera.

◉ Now you need to click on Preserve Settings.

◉ Here you will find several options for specific settings; The number of items available will depend on the iPhone you have, for example, the screenshot below is from the iPhone 13 Pro Max; And if you have an older iPhone, you'll only get the options available for that model. Activating any of these settings will mean that the enabled setting will still work even after you exit the Camera app, rather than resetting to the default every time.

Here is a breakdown of these settings:

Camera Mode: Save the mode you used recently, such as video, portrait, or slow motion, instead of opening in photo mode each time.

Creative Controls: This saves settings like aspect ratio or filters instead of defaulting to 4:3 and no filters. This is not available on iPhones older than iPhone 8 Plus.

Macro Control: If you have an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, this setting will keep the camera in main or ultra-wide camera mode when taking close-up shots, instead of defaulting to the ultra-wide camera every time when Point the iPhone close to something.

Exposure Adjustment: You can set how bright or dark your photo is displayed if you have an iPhone 11 or later, rather than resetting it to automatic mode.

Night Mode: For iPhone models 12 and later, you can save the Night Mode feature to be on or off, instead of back to automatic mode.

Portrait Zoom: If you have an iPhone with a telephoto camera, this setting will keep the last used portrait mode active, instead of the default setting for the 2x or 3x telephoto camera.

Setting up Apple ProRAW and ProResProRAW feature works on iPhone 12 Pro and later iPhone devices, and ProRes feature works on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and by activating this setting it will still work every time you exit the camera app.

Live Photo: Turns off the Live Photo automatically every time you open the Camera app.

Do you adjust the camera settings to a specific setting? Tell us in the comments.



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