The 13-inch iPhone 5.4 mini is still unpopular with customers, according to US iPhone sales data for the March quarter shared by Consumer Research Intelligence Partners (CIRP).

iPhone sales results in the first quarter of 2022 America and iPhone Mini is the least sold

iPhone 13 mini got the smallest share of sales of all iPhone 13 models, and iPhone 13 mini sales accounted for just 3% of total iPhone sales during the quarter. In comparison, the other iPhone 13 models were more popular and sold, and took the largest share of US sales for several years.

All four iPhone 13 models combined made up 71% of iPhone sales, with the standard 13-inch iPhone 6.1 taking 38% of sales. Unlike the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, they got a lower percentage of sales, but they sold much better than the iPhone 13 mini.

In the last quarter, iPhone 12 models accounted for 61% of total iPhone sales, so the iPhone 13 models perform better. The iPhone 13‌ also saw the strongest sales of any iPhone model during the March quarter, outperforming the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12‌ at the time.

According to the report, iPhone 13 models other than the mini model are seeing strong sales because buyers often replace their phones.

Looking at previous years, users usually kept the previous phone for a longer period, but in the last year users kept the previous phone for a shorter period. In the March 2022 quarter, only 20% of users said they kept their previous phones for three years or more, compared to 34% in March 2021. While 47% of users kept their previous phones for two years or less, compared to 35% in the March 2021 quarter. .

The 12-inch iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 5.4 mini have been relatively unpopular since their launch, and poor sales have made it clear that most consumers don't want smaller iPhones.

This year, with the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup, it is widely believed that according to rumors Apple has discontinued the 5.4-inch iPhone, there will be no iPhone 14 mini, and Apple will instead release the 14-inch iPhone 6.1, and iPhone 14 Pro 6.1-inch, iPhone 14‌ Max 6.7-inch, and iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7-inch.

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