New images of iPhone 14 models printed with a 14D printer were shown, which are likely based on the relatively accurate dimensions of the upcoming iPhone 13 lineup, and these models take a closer look at the design changes that Apple plans to produce this year, especially the expansion Camera design compared to the iPhone XNUMX lineup.

The iPhone 14‌ series will feature a larger camera design, according to previous rumors. The photos shared today are presented by the site Mac Otakara Take a closer look at this design change by trying to make iPhone 14 mockups and trying to match them with iPhone 13 cases and see if they fit.

It turns out that the smaller 14-inch iPhone 14 and 6.1 Pro models do not fit in the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases. The images show that the camera plateau in particular does not fit the case in any way and does not fit with it, as it is noticeably larger in the iPhone 14‌ and 14 Pro. It also turns out that the overall size of the iPhone slightly larger.

Moving on to the 14-inch iPhone 6.7 Pro Max, the Mac Otakara website states that it shares the general dimensions of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and therefore the current cases and covers fit it, although it is preferable not to adopt it, as is the case with other models in the i-lineup. iPhone 14 ‌, the larger camera protrusion will represent the exact match with the current case.

Mac Otakara also examined how the screen protectors of the iPhone 13‌ lineup fit in with corresponding iPhone 14‌ models, and found that some models may have thinner screen edges and different angles, which may not fit the iPhone 14 models. .

Finally, Mac Otakara was unable to determine the design of the front camera and sensors on the Pro models, as the mockups do not include those details. Rumors and leaks have suggested that the Pro models will feature a punch-hole camera design and a rectangular round shape instead of the current notch.

As a reminder, the iPhone 14 lineup is rumored to consist of four models, two sizes of 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, and two advanced Pro models of the same size. There will be no mini version.

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