Watch battery updates, a new Facebook currency, the supremacy of third-party apps on Apple, new Macs in June, and other exciting news this week in Fringe!

News on the sidelines: Week 18-24 February

Facebook wants to issue a new currency

After the failure of Facebook's cryptocurrency, known as Libra, we thought the company's efforts were over in this area, but according to internal reports, it appears that the company wants to develop another type of currency within its applications to be similar to those used in games such as Roblox and can be exchanged for real money. . Perhaps the plan is for the currency to be available on Facebook with a lot of people, so that everyone can easily buy it and exchange it with each other in the application, and then withdraw their money by exchanging it for real money. Like in-app purchases and then return purchases.

The new generation of batteries in 2028?

Nissan has announced that it intends to launch its first electric cars that use a solid state battery instead of current lithium batteries starting in 2028, with prototypes to be tested in 2024. This research may affect the auto industry significantly, but the entire energy industry is solid batteries. It's our next hope to make phone, home and other batteries cheaper, have a bigger capacity and even the ability to charge faster than today's lithium batteries, and this is especially important for cars.

Health app development this year

The Apple Health application is indeed a beautiful application, with integration with many applications and valuable and detailed information, but it seems that Apple plans to develop it this year with better features for more accurate and more detailed sleep tracking, a tool for reminding of medication appointments, and a feature to measure body temperature with the Apple Watch to help improve Features such as tracking the dates of women's fertility cycles.

Big update for iMovie

Apple this week released a major update to iMovie, which you can download for free on all of the company's devices. Technical device review video, games, Q&A, etc.


Bigger clues to iPad OLED devices

According to new reports from Apple's production chains, it seems that the company has already confirmed its endeavor to produce iPads with OLED screens, and with its new Mini-LED screens in the more expensive iPad Pro and the wonderful market reception for that screen, we believe that The company may use OLED screens in iPad Air or perhaps the smaller 11-inch Pro, which still has an LCD screen.

Updates to Free Office Apps from Apple

If you are a user of the Apple office applications Pages, Numbers, Keynote, you may be happy this week, as the company released updates that contain many features for the three applications with the ability to publish books directly to the Apple Books service with a size of up to 2 GB and an improvement in the accuracy of choosing font sizes and other things. Improvements across the three apps.


Apple: Developer apps are more than our apps in use

In the midst of severe criticism of Apple's software store policies, accusing it of favoring its own applications over developers' applications and giving itself competitive advantages that are not available to others, Apple mentioned a report stating the highest used applications on the iPhone and iPad, and many applications in this report came with a share Its market share is much higher than Apple's apps share, so the company cites that its practices don't hinder others' apps but rather that those apps thrive more than the company's own apps. We have talked about the news in detail in our article, which you can read from -this link-.

Misunderstanding, the “Picture in Picture” feature is not yet coming to YouTube

After the end of the trial period for the Picture in Picture feature on the iPhone in the YouTube application, which was only accessible to users who pay for the Premium service, YouTube announced in a tweet that the feature is coming to all users within days, and we talked about the news in -This is our article- Days ago, but then YouTube stated that the tweet was incorrectly formatted and that the feature is coming to the YouTube TV app only and is available in some markets, and there is no date for the feature to reach everyone.

It is reported that Premium users who tried the feature are still working with them so far, but new users can't get it

Apple's exit from a privacy-focused business

Tim Cook gave a speech this week, and among the contents was Apple's exit from a privacy-focused trade organization of which Apple was one of its senior members. This departure is due to "the organization's tendency to make policies that help the business", as they say, or policies that overwhelm users' privacy, according to Tim Cook.

iOS 15.4 Recording Has Stopped

After Apple released the iOS 15.4.1 update to fix battery issues in iOS 15.4, the old system logging stopped this week, so now you can't downgrade from iOS 15.4.1 to 15.4.

Twitter enables you to un-mention soon

Twitter is testing a new feature for some users, this feature enables you to cancel the "mention" or mention your name in tweets from other users.


New Macs in June?

According to a new report by analyst Mark Gorman, Apple may announce two new Macs at the upcoming Developer Conference in June! And when you combine this announcement with the announcement of the new systems, it looks like we are going to have a great conference this year.

More Pegasus scandals

Remember the Pegasus spyware found on politicians, activists, and others around the world? This week, new news comes to show that it was found on the devices of senior employees in the European Union as well. It is reported that Apple and the US government have filed cases against the developer, and it was decided to dissolve it and sell the technologies.

Finally back to Apple's offices

After the return was postponed several times due to the Corona virus, the company announced to its employees that they must return to the offices for everyone, but with the choice of double work for some where the employee can choose to work some time in the company office and others from home.

Apple Watch updates with a power saving mode coming soon

According to Bloomberg reports, this year it will release an update to its watch with several features such as new watch faces and more. Perhaps the most useful change will be a new low power mode that enables the user to use several applications with much lower power consumption. Maybe it helps the watch to work a few days at last? Charging the wristwatch daily is still the worst part of smartwatches.

Miscellaneous news:

◉ iPhone and Mac manufacturing slows due to closures in 3 Chinese suppliers due to the Corona wave in China.

◉ Postponing the work of the sphygmomanometer in the Apple Watch until at least 2024 due to problems related to the accuracy of the measurements.

◉ Google succeeded in obtaining a license from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to track atrial fibrillation disease, such as that found in the Apple Watch. Maybe a watch from Google soon?

◉ Apple's Studio Screen system code shows the possibility of a new Mac mini coming soon, possibly with a new M2 chip.

◉ The Find my feature used to locate devices annoys stores that sell used AirPods headphones or renew the faulty ones because users sell or throw the headphones without turning off the feature on them and connecting the headset to their devices.

◉ A new patent clarifies Apple's work on its own game controller, is it for the iPhone only, or does the company seek a bigger step in the gaming world?

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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