Both Apple and Google have their own App Store, the first for iPhone and Android, and both stores are designed for the same purpose, which is to allow the user to search for an application, download it and install it on the smartphone so that the items in both stores are the same such as the description of the application, the logo, the images, as well as the reviews and the video Which explains what the application offers. However, just that the two stores have the same goal, does not mean that they are the same, not at all, and for this we will learn during the following lines about the differences between the two stores and how they excel Apple Store on google store.


The first reason that makes the App Store better than Google Play is security. For iPhone users, there is only one official store to download applications, unlike Android users who can download applications from the developer’s website directly or through other alternative stores to the Google Play Store without any problem. Requirements Security for apps that you want to be listed in the Apple Store is generally higher compared to the requirements imposed by the Google Store. At the same time, also for the permissions that apps need, there are restrictions by Apple that force those apps to tell users those permissions, but in Google Play the situation is different A bit where the user can download some apps without being aware of the required permissions which may include access to contacts and photos.

user interface

When Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away, the CEO of Nokia at the time said that he will be remembered with his simple and elegant designs, given this fact, all applications to be added to the Apple Store must comply with the company's user interface standards, which facilitates their use On the iPhone, on the other hand, Android does not have the same ease in terms of design, where there is no harmony between the user interface and applications, so you find an application in the Material Design design language and a second application in the Material U language, a third with a Holo design, a fourth with a design “under the ladder” and so on.

App quality

Apple has its own set of strict procedures when it comes to adding an app in its App Store, and while these procedures can be annoying for developers who want to publish their apps in the App Store, this means strong scrutiny and ensure the quality of the app before allowing it to be in the App Store and that's why it takes It takes days to check the application before it is approved, and in return it takes two hours to add an application on Google Store And making it available to users and this is what users fall victim to because we later read about malicious apps in the App Store that have been downloaded thousands of times.

App preview

In the Google Play Store, the app's gallery is at the bottom of the fold and users are less likely to scroll through the entire gallery or all screenshots. 27% As for an application in the Apple Store, the photo gallery is the most prominent aspect of the screen. Visitors also interact by 20% and play the video of the application in the Google Store, but this does not mean that they watch the entire video. In the Apple Store, visitors watch the videos of the applications in full by 30%. Because Apple imposes a video duration limit of 15-30 seconds.

In the endThe battle between the iPhone and Android is not recent, and both seek to win and beat the other, and the matter extends to the application stores, where there is an endless struggle between the Apple Store and the Google Store to attract users by providing a large number of applications, although Google Play is the largest store in terms of the number of applications followed The App Store, however, does not mean that the Google Store is superior to the Apple Store, especially when it comes to who is the best. There is no competition, as the Apple Store provides quality, security and diversity in a way that its main competitor does not, which is why it is the best store for applications.

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