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Happy New Year, dear iPhone followers of Islam, we have been together for more than fourteen Eids, and we ask God to perpetuate the love between us. It is undoubtedly a happy Eid, our joy in the forgiveness of our Lord, our joy in completing the obligation of fasting, our joy that we are still with you, and we have a chance to live and obey.

Happy New Year, my friend.

We have a great gift this holiday

This Eid, we will make one of our best apps for free, which is…

The most important advantages of camelion

Smart word correction learns from you and adds to its dictionary so that you can write non-stop and understand what you want.


A large number of keyboards, both Arabic and Mac versions, as well as English, bubbles, smiles, and special.


A special decoration keyboard for fans of this genre.

You can create your own keyboard.


We also introduce a new keyboard called Fast Arabic.


Chameleon isn't always serious, she loves to have fun, so it offers many different sounds for the keyboard.


Provide 30 distinctive themes that you can navigate between them with one touch.


No long press of buttons to get the letter you want to write; Now the Shift button is available for the keyboard, and you can quickly navigate the keyboard by dragging the spacebar.


Download Chameleon keyboard now for free for one day only

chameleon keyboard keyboard
Available on the software store

IPhone offers Islam

For a limited time, some Islam's iPhone applications are only $ 0.99

Ar CrossWord - Crossword puzzles
Available on the software store
Time Flies - The Talking Clock
Available on the software store
‎Arabic TTS - Speak
Available on the software store
Dictionary (Arabic/English dictionary + translation widget)
Available on the software store
‎BG Remover AI
Available on the software store
Hijri Reminder - My personal diary
Available on the software store

Every follower of us notices the development that is taking place and, God willing, it will continue. We just want you to support us and subscribe to the iPhone Islam application, this helps us to continue

Subscribe now to the iPhone Islam app

May Allah accept from us and you, and happy new year

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