Although the iPhone very rarely burns due to battery problems, in the end it is not Samsung :) But We have heard and seen stories about iPhones set on fire Unexpectedly, we know that this is rare, but it is okay to take precautions so as not to be exposed to such accidents. A few years ago, an Australian surfer had this kind of accident. His iPhone, the iPhone 7, caught fire after being left in his car, and the car caught fire. Recently, the iPhone caught fire while it was being repaired. The first culprit is often the battery. But there are five you can reduce the risk of your iPhone exposure to burning.

Do not use an unreliable charger or cable

Don't use a cheap charger or charging cable. Buy a high-quality charger or cable, preferably from Apple itself or a reliable company such as Belkin, Anker, or others. Because counterfeit wires and chargers are not manufactured with the same quality materials and safety standards approved by the original companies. They are more likely to be damaged, overheated, or electrical problems may occur that may cause a fire.

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Charge your phone on a safe surface

More than one iPhone caught fire while its owner was charging it in his bed. The bad thing is, the phone may heat up to a large extent because of the blankets or pillows, and this may help ignite the fires that will find a fertile environment for expansion and spread throughout the place. A family from Wales was not so lucky, as their daughter often charged the phone all night in bed, and when it overheated and caught fire, the entire house burned. We ask God to deliver you from all evil.

Check battery health

You should periodically check the health of the battery to ensure that it is working properly. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to check the battery capacity, and turn on the optimized battery charging feature, it greatly reduces the quick battery damage. The lower the battery capacity, the more problems it has, and the more likely it will swell and fail. Replacing the battery will reduce the risk of catching fire, other than its long life, you will not have to charge it day and night.

Avoid excessive heat or direct sunlight

Apple designed the iPhone to turn off automatically when it gets too hot, and for good reason. This feature protects the battery and sensitive components from heat damage. In addition, it also prevents a fire from occurring.

But don't just rely on this safe feature. Don't leave your phone in your car during the summer, keep your phone in the shade and only use it within the Apple recommended temperature range of 32° to 95° Fahrenheit.

Check for swollen or leaking batteries

Batteries that are swollen or that drain and quickly leak their charge poses a significant risk. If this swollen battery punctures, it may explode immediately, so if you find the screen has risen, go to a trusted service center to change it immediately and do not tamper with it, and if you are going to store your phone because you are not using it, disconnect the battery or use it and recharge it at least once a month.

Do you know anyone who has had such problems with their phone? And what did he do to overcome it? Tell us in the comments.



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