It is great to learn a new skill even as a hobby, or at least try to acquire one of the most important modern skills. Learning programming languages ​​does not only give you a new skill and a profession that may generate a lot of money for you, but changes your way of thinking and makes your mind organized, and this skill facilitates your dealings With technology in general, as you can see, technology has become all around us and everywhere.

The Swift application makes it easy for you to learn one of the best development languages ​​in the world, the Swift language, which is an application development language on all Apple systems.

Swifty app

This genius application is intended for everyone who tried to learn application development and failed, either because of the language, as most of the good lessons are not in Arabic, or because of the complexity of the lessons and not starting from the basics, but the Swifty application contains more than 177 lessons, all in Arabic with a clear and easy explanation.

The Swifty application explains the Swift language in a simple way and puts many examples and explains to you the foreign terms that you must learn.

The application is very easy to use and also supports dark mode for clearer vision, and puts colors around important words so that reading is easy for you.

The great thing about Swifty is that it doesn't leave you until it makes sure that you've understood the lesson well, so the tests feature is very important to see your progress.

Among the features that help you in understanding is the exercises feature that asks you to write codes using what you have learned.

Download the Swifty app

You can download the Swifty app for free and try it, and if you like it and want to buy the full set of lessons, we have a surprise for you, the developer of the application offers Discount 50% Now on the occasion of Eid 🎉 .


Application Swifty Compiler

While you are learning these lessons and if you want to test your skill, you can also download the Swifty Compiler application, an application that allows you to write Swift codes on the iPhone or iPad and run them without the need for a Mac. To enjoy all the features of the application, there is a 50% discount on the premium plan throughout the days of Eid.

Swifty Compiler
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