Your iPhone has a smart zoom trick that you may not be aware of, where you can zoom in and out quickly and easily while shooting a video with the iPhone. It is known to everyone that the zoom is generally done with your two fingers, “pinch” to zoom out, or spread them out to zoom in. But this can be difficult sometimes while recording video on iPhone. This can cause choppy zooming, which may not look good in the final shots. Now user TikTokBenObiTech has revealed a clever trick that is not obvious to many that makes zooming in and out much easier.

To zoom in on the new trick:

◉ First open the camera.

◉ Press and hold the capture button to start recording the video.

◉ Then simply drag your finger up or down the screen to zoom in or out respectively.

◉ This means that you can zoom in and out in a super smooth way with just one hand.

◉ You can do this movement in photo or video modes.

◉ This trick also works on Snapchat, so you can shoot and use zoom in and out right from within the app's camera.

That's not all

There is another useful iPhone camera trick that you may want to know.

You can create Instagram-style Boomerangs using the regular iPhone camera app, and to do so:

◉ Open the iPhone camera and tap on the Live Photo and make sure that the circle is  Live Photo button The one in the upper right is enabled and has no line.

◉ Then take a picture of what you want, but preferably a scene with some action.

◉ Now go to the Photos app and open the photo.

◉ In the upper right or left, you will see the word “Live”, click on it.

◉ Now you can choose from four different options.

◉ Select the lower option Bounce or Bounce.

◉ This creates an image similar to the Boomerang feature on your iPhone.

You can also use this feature to create repeating animations or long exposure shots as well.

Did you know this trick to zoom in and out on the iPhone? Tell us in the comments.


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