We rely on devices IPhone Always and all the time our eyes are directed to the screen and yet there is a time when you must stop using the iPhone temporarily, when should you? This is what we will know during the following lines, as Apple published some reasons that you should know, and when they occur, you should stop using the iPhone and consult a doctor.

physical pain

 Using any device for a long time and repeating the same actions may cause injury, and through the iPhone user guide page, Apple says, “When you do repetitive activities such as writing, moving or playing games on the iPhone, you can suffer from a feeling of discomfort, whether in the hands arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of your body. If you feel this way, stop using the device immediately and consult a doctor.”

Injuries caused by repetitive motion and activities can heal within a few weeks if you follow Apple's advice, stop using the device temporarily, and visit a doctor to see your condition.

Interference with medical devices

Apple also warns against using its device near some medical devices, as it could negatively affect the performance of those medical devices and make them unable to function properly.

iPhones and MagSave accessories contain magnets that can emit electromagnetic fields that interfere with devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators.

That's why Apple says, "Consult your doctor and medical device manufacturer for information about your medical device and whether you need to maintain a safe distance between your medical device and your iPhone or MagSave accessories."

Manufacturers often make recommendations about the safe use of their devices around wireless or magnetic products to prevent potential interference. If you suspect Apple devices are interfering with your medical device, stop using them temporarily.

Apple recommends that in order to avoid any potential interference between devices, keep the iPhone at a safe distance from your device (more than XNUMX inches/XNUMX cm, or more than XNUMX inches/XNUMX cm during wireless charging, however, you need to consult your doctor and the manufacturer for the device for confirmed instructions that must be followed.

medical conditions

When you use your iPhone and you develop some symptoms such as fainting, pain in the head or eyes, or epileptic seizures, then you need to stop using your device and consult a doctor before using it again.

Finally, Apple stresses that your iPhone should not be considered a medical device in itself and you should not use it in any way to diagnose or treat yourself, to prevent disease, or even to alleviate any disease.

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