Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, is an annual conference held by the company and used primarily to showcase its software and new technologies to developers, as well as provide hands-on lab training and sessions with Apple developers. The first conference was in 1983 - internally, and the current form began in 1990 and continued to this year annually, and the number of attendees was usually between 2000 to 4200 for developers, but during WWDC 2007 Steve Jobs indicated that there are more than 5000 attendees. And since 2008-2013, the attendance was officially 5200, and in 2014 until 2019, the number became 6000, including the attendance of Apple and private engineers, and everything changed in 2020 as the conference became a virtual broadcast on the Internet only without any attendance. But it seems that the situation is different in 2022, where Apple has invited a number of developers and journalists, so how will this year's conference be? It is the 33rd conference in the history of Apple's WWDC Developer Conference... Follow us

Milestones in the history of WWDC Apple

Let's now list the most important products that Apple has introduced at every conference since 1995

1995 conference

● A product called Opendoc It is a platform to create tasks and usable components within unified standards. This project failed and was canceled in 2005.

1996 conference

Copeland OS project was introduced copland The developer reported the Mac system and new features, but the project also failed after a short time.

1997 conference

It was the first conference held after Apple's purchase of a company NeXT It was previously founded by Steve Jobs, and in it the software environment was introduced OpenStep To be the basis of the Mac OS environment. Also, a new operating system called Rhapsody Which later became known as MAC OS X Server.

1998 conference

A major technology event has been announced Carbon It is a programming interface for the Mac system, in which it constituted a revolutionary change in terms of programming and creating its applications with new and different features.

Also, at this conference, the invited software model was announced Quartz To create XNUMXD graphics on the Mac environment.

In the same year, Steve Jobs appeared for the first time after assuming the presidency of Apple again, and he announced the iMac iMac And device PowerBook G3

1999 conference:

That year, the primary kernel of the Mac operating system, Darwin, was announced Darwin.

Stability on technology has also been announced OpenGL As a software interface for XNUMXD graphics.

The OpenStep API has also been renamed to Cocoa.

Steve Jobs also announced a new series of devices called iBook But it did not last and was later replaced by MacBook.

Steve also announced two new technologies, QuickTime TV and AirPort For wireless communication service.

This conference was attended by 2563 people.

2000 conference

wwdc 2000

This conference was attended by 3600 people, at which Steve Jobs first announced the operating system Mac OS X

2001 conference

4000 developers attended this conference and the first version of the system was presented Mac OS X Server With WebObjects 5

In the same year Steve Jobs brought out to the world for the first time the revolutionary device the iPod iPod

2002 conference

The new version of Mac OS X v.10.2 and QuickTime 6 was introduced, and the old operating system No. 9 was also abandoned.

2003 conference

This conference witnessed a real leap for Apple in various fields where the new device was shown power mac g5 And distributing copies of the new system OS X Panther 10.3, and announcing the new software package that included iApps iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD The Rendezvous Service, later known as Hello Attendees received webcam copies iSight

In the same year Steve Jobs announced the new software environment Xcode

2004 conference

3500 developers attended, an increase of 17% over the previous year, when Mac wide screens were introduced with a size of 23 and 30 inches, and in which iTunes 4.9 was presented as the first version integrated with the podcast and Jobs reviewed it himself.

In it, a copy of the new Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 system was also presented, which the attendees received a copy of the developer’s version with other gifts.

2005 conference

wwdc 2005

This conference was attended by 3800 developers from 45 different countries, and the most prominent announcements were Apple's intention to move its devices to Intel® x86 processor architecture.

In this conference, there were 110 lab sessions and 95 presentation sessions, with the presence of more than 500 Apple engineers.

In the same year Steve Jobs introduced the Mac Mini Mac Mini and ipod nano iPod Nano.

2006 conference

In this conference was presented for the first time the Mac Pro Mac Pro As an alternative to its predecessor, the Power Mac, and the latter in the PowerPC architecture, from which Apple has moved to the Intel architecture.

An update to Apple servers has also been announced Xserve.

The new system was introduced Mac OS Leopard with many new features and massive improvement.

This conference was attended by 4200 people from 48 different countries, 140 sessions and more than 100 labs were accompanied by more than 1000 Apple engineers.

2007 conference

wwdc 2007

It is the acclaimed conference and year, which marked a major turning point in the history of Apple and the world when Steve Jobs presented for the first time a new and revolutionary generation of smartphones that is completely different from what came before it; It is the iPhone device, announcing a launch date and later in the year announced the introduction of Apple TV.

He also announced at this conference about the Safari browser for Windows and the iPhone.

A beta version of Mac OS v10.5 Leopard has also been announced

More than five thousand developers attended this conference.

2008 conference

WWDC 2008

And in which the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch and the final version of the development kit for the iPhone were announced iPhone SDK, as well as the new version of the iPhone 3G, and globally this time.

As well as the announcement of the second version of the iPhone operating system, and a service MobileMeAnd about the new system Mac OS

In the same year, Steve Jobs announced the new device MacBook Air.

It was at this conference that it was announced that tickets had been sold out for the first time.

2009 conference

WWDC 2009

In this session, the third version of the iPhone operating system was announced iPhone OS 3.0 The new operating system was shown Mac OSAlso, a new update has been announced for MacBook Pro devices, in addition to a new device that joins them.

The new iPhone 3GS has also been introduced.

At this conference, Steve Jobs for the first time missed the keynote speech due to his illness.

But he returned later in the same year to present a new family of iPods, represented by the third generation of the iPod touch, the fifth generation of the iPod nano, and the iPod shuffle of multicolor.

2010 conference

WWDC 2010

Announcing the iPhone 4 and changing the name of the operating system from iPhone OS to iOS.

The FaceTime feature was first introduced.

iMovie for iPhone was introduced.

Introducing the Apple A4 processor and using it in the iPhone 4.

2011 conference

The number of attendees reached more than 5000 people, the price of official tickets was $ 1599, and the gray market was $ 3500.

This conference is Steve Jobs' last appearance and he hasn't spoken most of the time.

The announcement of the iOS 5 system, which contains several advantages, including: the cloud - iMessage - notification center - Twitter support - newsstand - and more.

Apple announced the popular Mac OS 10.7, known as Lion.

You can learn more about this conference via this link.

2012 conference

Tickets ran out in one hour.

Apple unveiled the Mac 10.8 system, which integrated iOS features into the Mac, such as iMessage, notification center, cloud, support for Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Apple announced iOS 6, which included new Apple Maps, improved Siri, Facebook support, and a completely revamped App Store.

Apple unveiled the MacBook Retina, as well as updated the rest of the Mac devices.

You can learn more about this conference via this link.

2013 conference


Tickets sold out in 71 seconds. There are 6 million developers, 300 million cloud accounts, and 900 apps with Apple. 575 Apple accounts linked to credit cards.

Apple reviewed Anki smart cars.

Apple announced Mac OS X 10.9 and named it the Mavericks.

It modernized the MacBook Air family and launched the next generation MacBook.

Cloud services updated with iWork support.

It revealed iOS 7 and its features.

You can learn more about the conference in detail via this link.

2014 conference


In it, Apple revealed the arrival of iOS devices to 800 million, including half a billion iPhones. It also revealed Mac 10.10 and iOS 8, which was the biggest quantum leap in the history of iOS since its release. It also announced a new programming language, Swift.

You can review the article on the conference coverage via this link.

2015 conference


Apple announced that as of this conference, developer training courses will be broadcast live, and mentioned that only 12-year-old developers are attending. Then he unveiled Mac OS X 10.11 and transferred Metal technology to the Mac. It also released iOS 9 to developers and stated that it paid $30 billion to programmers. It announced the open source Swift language and revealed the second clock system in which applications became running independently, as it announced the Apple Music service.

See the article in detail across this link.

2016 conference


Announcements at the event included the renaming of OS X to MAC OS, as well as updates to iOS 10, Watch OS 3, and TV OS 10.

Apple announced that this developer conference really became a reality when it allowed developers to expand the use of messaging services, Apple Maps, and Siri.

No new devices have been introduced or updated. But the Home app has been announced as the control center for all the apps that provide smart home functionality. PlayGround has also announced the Swift development language tool as the exclusive app that helps young people learn programming with the new programming language from Apple Swift.

See the article in detail across this link.

2017 conference

The announcements at the event included the latest Mac OS, which comes under the name "High Sierra", as well as updates to iOS 11, Watch OS 4, and TV OS 11.

Apple announced an update to the iMac family of devices and also about A premium version of the Mac that's ready for professionals called the iMac Pro.

Apple introduced a newer version of the iPad Pro.

Apple announced a new device, the HomePod.

See the article in detail across this link.

2018 conference

● The 2018 conference did not deviate from expectations and the renewal was limited to making the iOS system more stable, and the iOS 12 system has already witnessed the approval of most users due to its stability, unlike previous years.

The announcements at the event included the latest Mac OS, which comes under the name "Mohave", as well as updates to iOS 12, Watch OS 5, and TV OS 12.

Apple has announced the Shortcuts app, which Siri can perform multiple functions at the same time by programming it to these tasks.

Apple did not announce any hardware at this conference.

See the article in detail across this link.

2019 conference

●Announced the iOS 13 update, the system performance improved, the speed of unlocking by Face ID increased by 30%, and the size of applications decreased by 50% when downloading the first time and 60% when updating. In general, the speed of opening applications has become double, and many other features such as dark mode.

● Apple announced the Shortcuts application, which Siri can perform several functions at the same time by programming it to these tasks.

● For the first time, it was decided to separate the iPad from the iPhone completely, and a new system was made available for it called iPad OS. The new system will enable Apple to develop features for the iPad independently of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

● Updated Mac OS 10.15 and a new name was given to the Mac system inspired by the natural places and tourist attractions in California, “Catalina”

● Apple announced at this conference the new Mac Pro and Apple Display.

See the article in detail across this link.

2020 conference

● For the first time, the conference is a live broadcast only, no attendance, no tickets, and no developers in the same place with Apple engineers, and it was a new and wonderful experience without a doubt.

● The shift to Apple's ARM processors in Mac devices, and the beginning of a new era for Apple devices.

● Apple announced watchOS 7 with a number of updates and a hand wash alert feature.

Announced the iOS 14 update, improving system performance, adding the application library and widgets on the home screen, picture-in-picture in the whole system, and the call bar.

● Apple has announced more interest in new systems in privacy, and the Do Not Track feature.

● A major update to the Mac system, and a new name was given to the Mac system, inspired by the natural places and tourist attractions in California, “Big Sur”

See the article in detail via this link.

2021 conference

● Again, the conference is only a live broadcast, no attendance but also a great experience and mastery in the implementation of the conference.

● Announced iOS 15 update, improved system performance, screen sharing feature, improved notifications and notification summary, focus feature, updated Apple apps such as Maps, Wallet and Weather.

● Apple announced the update of iPadOS 15, where Apple added a number of new widgets, added the application library for the iPad, improved the way to open two applications and split the screen.

● Apple announced Cloud Plus + and features such as mail masking, and the feature to encrypt your Internet connection.

● The Apple Watch system has been updated, the breathing application has been improved, which helps you relax more, and Apple has added a full keyboard for the watch.

● A major update to the Mac system and a new name was given to the Mac system inspired by the natural places and tourist attractions in California, which is “Monterey”

See the article in detail via this link.

2022 conference

● There is no doubt that this year's conference will be more enthusiastic, and the reason is to look forward to the new Apple systems and the features they will bring us, and this year we expect Apple to surprise and fascinate us and may offer us a completely new device.

We are waiting for the next conference and we are all enthusiastic, are you as excited as we are?

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