Because it's always the best, Apple strives to show that strongly to others and that is why from time to time it introduces enhanced features, functions and new applications during its annual developer conference (conference summary from HereThese features or applications are similar to other third-party applications in a sign from Apple that it likes the useful features that these applications provide to users, but at the same time it sends a message that it does the work better than them, and for this we will learn during the following lines on some of the things that Apple killed it during WWDC 2022.

Password manager

Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple and others have been trying for years to get rid of traditional passwords and replace them with alternative biometric methods such as fingerprint and face to be more effective in enhancing and protecting user data and this is what happened when the macOS Ventura and iOS 16 systems were announced, where Apple wants to rid the world of apps Password managers with new passkeys, which are unique digital keys that remain on your device and are not stored on a web server, so no one can access them in any way. From your finger or via facial recognition, syncing will take place without the need for you to type in a traditional password. This means that password managers like LastPass, 1Password, and others may be gone for good.

pharmaceutical applications

There are many health apps on the App Store, and one of their functions is to alert you when it's time to take your medication, but it seems that those apps won't be there next period after the arrival of watchOS 9, which includes a new drug app through which everything from prescriptions to supplements can be tracked And the user can add a drug to the application with ease by using the iPhone camera to read the label on the medicine box. There are other features such as setting schedules and reminders for the appointment of your medicines, and the application can also alert you when using medicines that may conflict with other medicines.


Webcams are back again after they disappeared due to the Corona pandemic, as webcams began to be relied on instead of the built-in camera in laptops, which was not good enough during video calls and meetings on the Internet, however, there will be no chance for a webcam after Apple announced the macOS system Ventura, which will allow the company's users to rely on the iPhone camera as a webcam that works wirelessly and can be installed on the Mac with ease.

car dashboard

Companies make good cars, but they are bad when it comes to software and user interface for in-car screens, but everything will change with Apple's CarPlay system, which gave us a sneak peek into its capabilities and future where it will be part of the car and then you will be able to control the car through it without the need to use Vehicle buttons, and the next generation of CarPlay will provide you with the navigation information you need along with your vehicle speed, engine revs, wind speed and fuel level.

MacBook Pro 13 inch 2020

As for Apple products, it appears that the only product the company stopped during its WWDC conference was the 13-inch MacBook Pro of 2020 and that device had an M1 chip inside and replaced it with the new device it announced, which is the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022 which works via Its powerful new M2 processor.

Background remover apps

Using advanced machine learning, iOS 16 will allow users to isolate and extract any element from an image and then drag and drop that element as a separate image that can be used later with ease. Since the feature requires machine learning and image analysis, it will be available on iPhones running a chip. A12 Bionic or later However, as soon as the new system and that feature becomes available, the apps to remove background from photos will be terminated, just like our app

BG Remover AI

Finally, these were the most important things that Apple intends to kill soon and replace it with other great features and frankly it is right in what it does because the most important thing that distinguishes Apple is that when it reveals a feature that is already present in another system, it presents it in an advanced and more powerful way and that is why it is always better.

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