The Apple Developer Conference WWDC 2022 ended a while ago, in which Apple revealed its latest operating systems for all devices, whether iPhone and iPad iOS/iPadOS 16 or Mac and watch systems, and the M2 processor was revealed and devices that work with it were launched. Learn about the conference summary and the most important of it in the following lines.

The conference began, as usual, with Tim Cook, who welcomed the online attendees and talked about the interaction that Apple provides to developers, whether directly at Apple headquarters or via the Internet.

This includes the developer training event in Saudi Arabia that took place since last February.

Then the conversation moved to Craig Federigi, who is in charge of systems at Apple.

IOS 16

Apple started talking about the systems with iOS 16, and the features begin with the traditional lock screen that Apple has reintroduced in a completely new way.

Lock screen Now you can customize the screen and modify all its details, including the colors and hue, as well as the default content present such as the time and change its font and color.

You can also add any widget to the lock screen directly to follow anything you want without having to unlock the phone, such as knowing the weather, a car that has been requested, or charging devices connected to the iPhone.

Apple has reorganized the appearance of notifications in the lock screen to prevent the blocking of the background and content of the lock screen. The same is the case in various applications that developers can provide a widget that interacts and speaks its data in the lock screen.

Apple has added improvements in the focus mode so that it works within applications, for example, in the Safari application, you can open dozens of tabs, but when you activate the work mode, it only shows the Safari tabs for work.

The Messages app has received much-needed basic improvements such as the ability to edit the message after it has been sent, as well as delete it and make it unread.

Voice dictation has also been developed to become more rapid and accurate. Apple said that it is used more than 18 billion times per month by Apple users; In order to ensure privacy, Apple announced the provision of the feature directly from the device On Device, meaning that you do not need to send your voice over the Internet for analysis on Apple servers.

Live Text word recognition has been improved to include videos as well so that you can convert any video you have into typed text; You can stop the video at any time and then transcribe the speech you hear into the screen.

The feature of analyzing images and words enabled Apple to provide special advantages, for example, the iPhone recognizes that the image includes a particular flower or an animal; You can now copy only this object from within the image and send it to others.

The Live Text API has been made available to developers and the same with Shared with You (Shared with You) whose API has been made available to developers.

Apple Wallet has supported a number of places where it can be used to log in in place instead of a physical card.

The sharing of virtual keys with others has also been facilitated by various communication applications, whether mail, messages, or even WhatsApp.

Tap To Pay will be available in US stores this month; The feature enables stores to use the iPhone directly instead of the traditional POS payment machine.

Apple has announced a feature in countries where Apple Pay is available, which is installments over 6 weeks without interest or fees.

Apple's new maps will reach 11 new countries, including Saudi Arabia and Palestine (which Apple calls Israel)

Apple also added the feature of “MultiStop routing” stations in Maps.

Maps got many improvements that will be singled out for an article later, but the most important of them is the ability to search for any place and access it by Siri; For example, on your return to work, you can ask Siri to find a flower seller for you on the way back and modify your itinerary to include access to this store. Apple said that MapKit has received significant improvements that will enable developers to get better use of Apple Maps.

The Apple News application now includes the “My Favorite Sports” feature, so you can follow the news of your team and the results of its matches easier and faster; Your favorites will also be synced with the Apple TV app.

Apple has made Family Sharing improvements to the way family accounts and privacy are managed.

Starting from facilitating the creation of accounts for children, as well as selecting their content easier than before.

The iCloud Shared Photo feature was introduced so that you can automatically share the captured photos with specific people, for example, you choose that any photo that includes your wife or children is automatically shared with the wife.

There is also an option in the camera directly that enables you to activate it to automatically share the photo that you will take with a specific group.

The feature enables you to share photos with others on trips easier. For example, you travel with a group of friends and take some photos together, so the system (with your prior approval) will share these photos with your friends who are already around you.

A recent feature Apple added is Safety Check.

It's a great feature that does something like resetting all your device's privacy settings including the passwords for your accounts. The feature deserves a detailed article on it later.

Of course you can choose which apps or people to reset for.

The HOME application has received many improvements, as Apple has revealed compatibility with the standards of the Matter Alliance, which will make it easier to make the products of dozens of companies work efficiently with the iPhone and Apple devices.

Apple has also organized new sections for home devices such as weather, lighting, security, and more.

Now you can view up to 4 security cameras at the same time and the interface of the application has been redesigned to make it easier for you to know everything about your home.

CarPlay system

Apple said that 98% of new cars sold in America support its CarPlay system, and that 79% of buyers are interested and ask only about the presence of the Apple system and do not think about asking about car support for any other service (US market only).

Apple said that since the introduction of the feature and service, car monitors have evolved greatly, providing additional capabilities for them to provide the next generation of CarPlay.

The new generation will benefit from the screen size and will also skip the stage of providing applications only, but it will become part of the car, for example, you will be able to control the air conditioning and temperature and operate the car's features directly from the Apple service.

The system will know your speed, remaining fuel and engine rpm, show you the wind speed and all the navigation details.

Apple said that no matter what your car looks and screen looks like, CarPlay looks like it was built for you.

Apple explained that car companies will start revealing cars that support the new generation from the end of next year, which we can say will be in cars of the 2024 model and beyond. This is a list of car companies that Apple is currently dealing with.

Collage of iOS 16 features

Apple Watch System 9.0

As usual, Apple has developed the watch, especially new and multiple watch faces, including the face of the “Hijri” lunar calendar, which is a calendar suitable for all Muslims.

The appearance of notifications and Siri on the screen has been improved, as well as the appearance of the sharing menu and the selection of images.

Improvements have been added to your running motion analysis and insights to know your running style and provide suggestions as well.

A new application called Fitness app makes it easier for you to share movement and fitness with others and enables you to know your sleep, how deep and how light REM, and the application will be available with iOS 16.

Apple has added a lot of health and medical features to the iPhone and the watch such as knowing your AFib history.

The iPhone's camera can read drug labels and alert you when a drug is added that causes interactions with another drug.

List of features of the new watch

IPadOS system

Although Apple mentioned the iPad at the end of the conference, but we preferred to move it here after the iPhone system and the watch directly because it is linked to them. The iPad system comes with the same advantages as iOS 16, plus some additional features, such as the Collaboration feature, which is a feature that will enable you to share the file with others and interact with them. Hold a full professional meeting on the iPad. (Apple said the feature is coming to iOS and Mac as well.)

A new app coming later this year called Freeform is more like an app that provides a free board where anyone can share it by adding any stickers, writing, and thinking like you have a giant whiteboard where you write anything you want.

Games on the iPad got an extra boost with Metal 3 and improvements in background game refreshes, as well as a feature called SharePlay to share gameplay with others and will also be available on the iPhone and Mac.

The Stage Manager feature has been added to the iPad, a feature that will be explained later in the Mac, and it groups applications in a way that makes it easier for you to focus on the task you are doing. The feature supports running up to 8 apps on the screen at the same time.

There are many other features such as the possibility of customizing the Safari menu, merging contacts, copying and undoing in the entire system Redo and many other features such as computer applications.

A collage of the features of the iPad

M2 processor

Apple unveiled its new generation of its own processor, the M2, which comes with a 5nm architecture and includes 20 billion transistors, which is 25% more than the M1 and provides 100GB / s transfer speed, which is 50% more than the M1.

Compare the size of the processor with the previous generation.

The processor supports memory up to 24 GB and comes with 8 cores, 4 of them for high performance and 4 for traditional use. It also comes with 10 GPU graphics cores, which is more than 2 cores of the M1 processor.

The processor offers 25% better graphics performance than the M1 in the same power usage and 35% in maximum performance. Of course, Apple reviewed the performance of the processor with famous devices in the market, as it did last year with the M1 family.

A collage of the M2 features.

The new generation of MacBooks

Apple unveiled the new generation of Mac devices with the M2 processor and the beginning with the Air, which came with a design inspired by the design language of the iPad, and the overall size was reduced by 20% and the thickness became only 11.3 mm.

The device is light, weighs only 2.7 pounds, or 1.25 kilos, and comes in 4 colors: silver, gray, Starlight (similar to gold) and dark black, and Apple called it “Midnight.”

The computer comes with a 13.6-inch screen and includes a MagSafe charging port, a traditional audio port and two USB-C ports. The screen provides 500nits brightness and 1 billion colors.

The front camera has been improved to 1080p with the advantage of working in low light.

The computer includes 3 microphones to ensure perfect sound capture while providing 4 speakers and support for the Spatial Audio feature, and of course works with the famous Apple Magic keyboard with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Apple said that the performance of the computer with the M2 processor is 20% faster in Photoshop in filters and effects, without affecting the battery, which reaches 18 hours of use in the video.

The computer comes with a relatively slow 30W or 35W charger in the higher version, but it supports fast charging with a 67W charger to charge from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes, but this charger is sold separately. That is, even Mac computers have to buy a fast charger for them.

Apple published several pictures to compare the performance of the Mac Air with the M2 processor compared to previous generations.

Pictures will compare the performance with others.

A collage of MacBook Air M2 features.

Apple also unveiled a new version of the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 processor

The computer comes as an improved version of the Air, as it also provides memory up to 24 GB of memory, and the battery reaches 20 hours. It also provides a TouchBar, and it is strange that the front camera has 720p, not 1080 like the Air.

The Mac Pro includes an upgraded version of the headphones and microphone from the Air, and the MacBook Pro comes directly with a 67W fast charger.

The Mac Air with an M2 processor starts at $1199, while the MacBook Pro starts at $1299. The devices will be available next month.

Mac system

Apple chose Ventura, California, as the name for the new Mac.

The most important advantages of the system is the Stage Manager feature already mentioned in the iPad; The feature mainly depends on facilitating focus by grouping applications together. For example, you plan a trip, search in Safari, record notes, and see the place on maps, so you group the 3 applications together. You can create another group for a second task and so on so that you can navigate to a group of applications together or to a specific application only.

Apple said that it has developed the Spotlight search, and the results have become clearer and richer in terms of details. For example, if you search for a city, it will not only show you its name, but its location, details about it, and the map. Search is now added by default at the bottom of the iPhone screen.

The Mail app has received improvements, the most important of which is the undoing of sending an email or scheduling sending and adding FollowUp. The search has been improved to show the most recently received files as well as autocomplete suggestions.

Safari is optimized to see what tabs you share with others, improve speed, and sync this with all your other devices. The password system has also been improved and developed to be called PassKeys, which uses your fingerprint or face and Safari will create and record a password. Thus, it is impossible for anyone to recognize it because you did not even choose it.

New Mac System Comes With Metal 3 Support Apple said that MetalFX's improvements will help developers make better games and has already reviewed a number of games.

Apple added the navigation feature in the FaceTime call. Currently, if you receive a FaceTime call and you answer from a device, you cannot move and continue the call from another device, but this will be available with the new update. Apple also added the option to use the iPhone as a webcam via a feature called Continuity Camera

Apple has reviewed several new accessories that enable you to install the iPhone on the Mac to use its camera.

A collage of the features of the Mac system.

The opening presentation of the Apple conference has ended

Never think, that what Apple announced today is everything, there are many and many that Apple did not mention, especially in its new systems such as iOS 16, which is the thing we care about most, and there is a lot behind the lines, we followed the coming days because the news will be very special. And do not forget the conference continues until next Friday, and it will be dedicated during this period for developers.

What caught your attention the most at the Apple conference? Share with us in the comments

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