Each new version of iOS brings new capabilities to Siri, and it's no different with the iOS 16 update, although this time the focus is a bit different than previous updates, with recent updates featuring Apple bragging about how smart Siri has gotten, and how much additional information that you can provide. And the changes introduced in the iOS 16 update have a different flavor, especially with Siri turning on the inside of the iPhone, as it seemed geared towards helping you use your iPhone more efficiently, whether it's to enable shortcuts or improve dictation. Looking at reports from people who have downloaded the iOS 16 beta update, we know more details about the new things Siri can do. Here's a look at the biggest changes coming to Siri in iOS 16.

8 new things Siri in iOS 16 can do for iPhone

Use Siri to run shortcuts instantly

Perhaps the biggest addition to Siri that Apple is promoting is the ability to run shortcuts to an app using Siri voice commands once the app in question is installed, and this eliminates the need to set up the shortcut in iOS 16.

Before the iOS 16 update, the user had to activate the Siri commands for the apps himself, but with the new system, the app developer was automatically able to place commands in the Shortcuts app without user interaction.

To discover these ready-to-use shortcuts, they can be found in the Shortcuts app, which adds a new App Shortcuts section, showing which apps feature the shortcuts. Suggested shortcuts should also appear as Siri Suggestions in the search screen on the iPhone.

Dictate emoji using Siri when writing messages

It's a feature that Android users who use Pixel 6 phones enjoy, and now it's in iOS and it's easy for Siri, when you dictate messages in the iOS 16 update, say "heart emoji" or "cry emoji", and so on, and the emoji will appear the appropriate.

And it's not just emoji, but it's now able to automatically insert punctuation while dictating messages by inserting dots at the end of sentences. These improved dictation features work in both Messages and Mail.

Improve Siri's skills

One of the old complaints about Siri is that it's hard to realize what you can do, as much as we want to get familiar with Siri's different skills and commands, but sometimes it's hard to remember what you can do.

The iOS 16 update addresses that with a new feature that lets you simply ask Siri what it can do for you. You'll be able to ask "Hey Siri, what can I do here" in select apps, to get a feel for Siri's capabilities in that app. And if the feature works as advertised, it will make Siri's various functions less mysterious than in the past.

Ask Siri to hang up

When you're wearing your AirPods, Siri can announce incoming calls and even pick up the call for you, as well as hang up.

This changes when you use Siri in iOS 16, where phone calls are completely hands-free, and you'll now be able to tell Siri to end phone calls or FaceTime. The downside to this new feature, however, is that the other party will hear you tell Siri what to do.

Control more things offline

Processing on the iPhone I was able to use Siri when there was no internet or network connection to perform simple tasks, including launching apps, controlling playback, setting time, alarm, etc.

The list of tasks that Siri can do offline increases in the iOS 16 update. For example, Siri will be able to handle home control requests via HomeKit devices, intercom features, voicemail, and notifications, all while offline. And you'll need an iPhone that works with an A12 Bionic processor, meaning the start of an iPhone XS or later.

Accessibility features powered by Siri

Looking at the hidden iOS 16 update features, it has been noticed that Siri can be paused time, which makes it wait longer before responding to what you say. He insulted Siri because he thought she would turn into a sloth.

Adjusting Siri pause times is one of the accessibility features in the iOS 16 update, and if you have a hearing device made for Apple devices, you'll be able to have Siri announce iPhone and iPad notifications with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 updates.

Send messages automatically

Currently, when you dictate a text message through Siri, it will ask you if you're ready to send the message, which is useful especially when you're driving, because Siri may not pick up your words perfectly, so there's time to review. And if you prefer to send messages quickly, you can have Siri skip this step in the iOS 16 update.

The Send messages automatically setting is available in Siri & Search settings in the iOS 16 update. It's off by default. If you're confident that Siri will accurately transmit your message, you can always turn this on. There's a short waiting period that may be enough to edit and review your message, otherwise, Siri will send the text directly.

And another feature of Siri in Maps hands-free

One of the big changes to Siri Maps in iOS 16 is the ability to add multiple stops on the road when you need to stop for gas and food, and you can add a stop while on the road without using your hands, you can just ask Siri to handle it for you.

What do you think of the new Siri features? Do you think Apple still has a lot to offer in Siri? Tell us in the comments.


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