While the main feature of the iOS 16 update is the ability to Lock screen customizationThe update brought many other useful features to the iPhone, including five of my favorite additions mentioned in this article.

The iOS 16 update is currently in beta for developers only, but Apple said a public beta version will be available sometime in July. The iOS 16 update will be released to all users around September, and the update is compatible with iPhone 8 and later.

live activities

The iOS 16 update includes a Live Activity feature that brings notifications directly to the iPhone's lock screen. Live activities will be useful for staying up-to-date with live events or other tasks, such as keeping up with the score of a sport, tracking the progress of an Uber ride, monitoring the status of a Starbucks order, viewing a timer, and more.

Apple said the Live Activity feature will come in a sub-update of iOS 16 later this year, which means it won't be available when the iOS 16 update is first released to all users. Apple will only provide an API to developers to support more third-party apps, so this feature is expected to have extensive use.

 Edit or cancel an iMessage

The iOS 16 update introduces the ability to edit or cancel recently sent iMessages, as well as mark iMessage conversations as unread after opening them. Apple allows users to edit or unsend an iMessage for up to 15 minutes after it has been sent.

To edit or unsend a message, the user simply taps and holds the message and selects the appropriate option in the menu that appears. Edited iMessages are marked as "edited" below the message, and edited or unsent messages are still visible in their original form to users with older versions like iOS 15.

Support for Nintendo Joy-Cons

Although this isn't announced as a feature on Apple's website, the iOS 16 update adds support for the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers. It can be used individually left or right, or both simultaneously as a single console.

In the iOS 16 update notes to developers, Apple said that the iPhone supports many Bluetooth game controllers on iOS 16, but it did not provide a list of compatible controllers. This is in addition to the iPhone's current compatibility with PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series controllers since the iOS 14.5 update.

Apple Pay Order Tracking

Apple Pay on iOS 16 acquires built-in order tracking information in the Wallet app for online orders. The tracker provides the estimated delivery date of the order and indicates when the package is out for delivery.

Fitness app without Apple Watch

Starting with the iOS 16 update, the Fitness app is now available on the iPhone for all users, even if they don't have an Apple Watch. The app features a daily activity loop that relies on the iPhone's motion sensors to estimate the calories a person burns and their daily steps.

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