Do you know how to track flights on the iPhone? And we don't mean through a separate app, but access to a live flight tracker built into the iPhone itself? Follow the article, to know how to track your flight, or any of your family and friends.

A hidden feature in the iPhone that allows you to track flights in real time

One of the reasons why the iPhone is one of the best phones out there, is that it's packed with features that are hidden deep within its system, and the one that we have is well hidden away.

The Messages app is built in with a live flight tracker, which can give you live locations, flight details and take-off and landing times for any flight in real time, all you need is the flight number.

This is one of the coolest features of the iPhone so far for those who travel a lot, it makes it easier for them and reassurance on the progress of the trip. Here's how to access the flight tracker built into the iPhone.

How to track flights on iPhone using Messages

The steps in brief:

◉ Find the flight number.

◉ Send or receive a text message that includes the flight number in the messages.

◉ If the flight number is recognized, a line will appear under it

◉ Click on the flight number in the sent text.

◉ Select Flight Preview.

◉ Check flight details, times and baggage information.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for each step.

1. Find the flight number of the plane you want to track. You can find this number on your flight booking confirmation, by asking anyone who's traveling, or by going to the airline's website to see their flight schedule.

2. Open Messages and text the flight numberFor example, type BA0117. And send it to any number of yours or anyone next to you, or send it from another iPhone to you.

3. After sending, the device must put a line under the flight number, to indicate that it can be clicked as a link, if you do not find a line under the flight number after sending This means that the flight number is not recognized or the airline is not yet supported. Click on the flight number.

4. A box will appear showing you the flight map and the location of the aircraft on its path. Click Flight Preview or Flight Preview for more details, including departure and arrival/gate station information, estimated departure and arrival times, and baggage claim information.

So you have a complete flight path tracker built into your iPhone. With it, you can track the travels of your friends, family and loved ones.

Did you know there is a flight tracker on your iPhone? Tell us in the comments.


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