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1.6 million apps suspended on the App Store, iOS 16’s Always On Display feature, Apple fails to dismiss Cydia lawsuit, global phone shipments down 3.5%, Microsoft competing with the new MacBook Air, and other exciting news in the sidelines…

News on the sidelines Week Mar 5 - Mar 11

Global phone shipments decreased by 3.5%, and Apple has less impact

Global smartphone shipments are expected to decline 3.5% to 1.31 billion units in 2022, according to IDC's latest forecast. Due to the increasing challenges with supply and demand, IDC is reducing its forecast for 2022 considerably, which previously forecast 1.6% growth.

IDC believes that Apple will be "least affected" because of its control over its supply chain and because iPhone customers are in the pricier segment and are not affected by macroeconomic issues such as inflation.

1.6 million apps suspended on the App Store

Apple suspended 1.6 million apps on the App Store because they were risky, untrustworthy and defrauded users in 2021, according to new fraud analysis data shared by Apple. It also said the App Store halted nearly $1.5 billion in fraudulent transactions during the year.

More than 34 apps were rejected by Apple because of hidden features, and more than 157 apps were unwanted apps or copycat apps. And 343 apps were rejected for privacy violations. Over 800 fraudulent developer accounts have been terminated.

More than 170 million fraudulent customer accounts have been deactivated, and 118 million fraudulent account creation attempts have been rejected. And 155 outrageous apps that tried to circumvent the app review process by changing functionality or concept after approval were rejected and removed.

More than 3.3 million stolen credit and debit cards have been suspended, and 600 other App Store transactions have been banned.

Apple says it continues to work to detect fraudulent activities and accounts and prevent financial crimes in order to keep the App Store safe and reliable for users.

It seems that Apple published these statistics in order to explain its argument in not providing an external store to a third party and to deny the accusation of monopoly on it

Application Google TV Allows the iPhone to act as a remote control

Google announced the launch of an application Google TV Designed for iOS devices, to help iPhone and iPad users create watchlists, get content recommendations, rate movies, and more. iOS users previously had access to the Play Movies and TV app, and those who installed it will see it automatically update to the Google TV app.

‎Google TV: Watch Movies & TV
Available on the software store

iPhone and iPad users who have Google TV or another Android TV OS device can use their iOS device as a remote control. Simply click on the remote control button in the app and then connect to the TV to control it using the phone and access the Google Assistant. This feature allows users to take advantage of the phone's keyboard to type in passwords and search terms.

Microsoft competes with the new MacBook Air

As Apple prepares to launch the completely redesigned MacBook Air, Microsoft is preparing to compete with the Surface Laptop Go 2 with a new processor, updated temperature system, and an improved webcam.

Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop Go 2 with an 5th generation Intel Core i128 processor and 64GB of storage, up from 2GB over the previous one. In its press release, Microsoft compared the Surface Laptop Go 30 to Apple's MacBook Air by saying that the Surface provides XNUMX% more Key travel than the MacBook Air.

Key travel refers to the actual distance that keyboard keys travel when they are pressed and respond and feedback. Almost as close to the touch feature means there are no big breaks between the switch and the point of contact.

Microsoft starts selling its Surface Laptop Go 2 starting at $599, much cheaper than the MacBook Air that starts at $999. The $399 difference is to take advantage of performance, power efficiency, and 256GB of storage space.

iPhone 14 Pro models will have an upgraded A16 chip

According to Taiwan research firm TrendForce, the next-generation A16 chip will only be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices. This report agrees with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously, with the standard iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max models remaining with the A15 processor. Reports said that the reason Apple did this may be due to the ongoing shortage of chips.

WWDC 2022 conference page features animated AR trading cards

The XNUMXrd Annual Global Developers Conference is scheduled to start next Monday, and if you visit The page on the iPhone or iPadYou will find that Apple has created a package of trading cards that you can view in augmented reality. You can interact with it and click to open it and see a group of colorful memoji.

Gamevice launches a game controller for the iPad

Gamevice has announced the launch of a new game console designed for the iPad, and the company says it's compatible with the 2th to 3th generation of the iPad, the iPad Air 9.7, iPad Air 10.5, and the XNUMX-inch and XNUMX-inch iPad Pro. She mentioned that it's ideal for cloud gaming experiences with Xbox Game Pass, GeForce NOW, Apple Arcade, Stadia, and more. It also works with a newly updated version of the Gamevice Live app, which helps gamers find games compatible with consoles to play.

Besides the iPad controller, Gamevice has introduced a new version of the iOS controller that is compatible with all the leading iPhone and Android devices, including the entire iPhone 13 lineup.

The iPad controller is sold on the site الشركة For $100, iPhone for $80.

Apple fails to dismiss antitrust lawsuit filed by Cydia developer

Photo of Tariq Mansour, founder of iPhone Islam with Cydia founder Guy Freeman

Apple lost an attempt to dismiss a lawsuit against it before Jay Freeman The founder of the Cydia store for iPhone and iPad, which works by doing a jailbreak.

Freeman sued Apple in late 2020, alleging that Apple had an illegal monopoly on distributing iOS apps through the App Store. His complaint also alleges that Apple has constantly tried to get rid of alternative app stores such as Cydia. The lawsuit has many details that you can find through this Link.

It is rumored that the iPhone Pro will come with an always-on display feature

Gorman outlined some of the changes scheduled to be made to the iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, tvOS 16, and macOS 13 update at Apple's upcoming global developer conference. Among the new features, an updated lock screen including an always-on mode. Whether it is in the main version or even in another version of it.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple released the second public beta of iOS 15.6, iPadOS 15.6, and macOS Monterey 12.5 for developers.

◉ YouTube has announced the launch of a new sync feature that allows an iOS or Android device to connect to a TV that has the YouTube app, allowing the connected device to be used to like and comment on videos.


◉ AirPods Pro 2 may feature pretty much the same design as the current speaker, contrary to rumors that it will come with a “stemless” design, according to new reports.

◉ Twitter has announced that it will shut down TweetDeck for Mac next month and users can access it via the web The notification may not appear until the application is restarted.

◉ Apple has been interested in moving some iPad production to Vietnam since January 2021, but supply chain issues over the past year are said to have delayed the move. The supply chain disruption caused by the lockdown measures in China is reported to have precipitated Apple's desire to move some production out of the country.

◉ Apple plans to add the first-generation iPad Pro to its legacy product list at the end of June, it announced this week in an internal memo distributed to Apple stores and authorized service providers.

◉ Apple launched a YouTube livestream of WWDC 2022 where viewers can get a reminder when the event begins.

◉ Ahead of the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple shared details of the finalists for the Apple Design Awards. It highlights applications with outstanding design, innovation, creativity and technical achievement.

◉ Apple is preparing to support digital car keys in the wallet app for Hyundai and BYD vehicles. Before that, Apple supported BMW.

◉ Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is unlikely to announce about reality glasses Hybrid or even its operating system was rumored at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference.

This is not all the news that is on the sidelines, but we have brought you the most important of them, and it is not necessary for the non-specialist to occupy himself with all the incoming and outgoing. And help you with it, and if it robbed you of your life and got busy with it, there is no need for it.


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