Health for All episodes, Stage Manager issues, free Photoshop, a paid Telegram subscription, and other exciting news this week in Fringe!

News on the sidelines: Week 19-26 of May

Finally, Health for All episodes, sort of.

One of the best features of the Health app for Apple Watch owners exclusively was the episodes that you can complete to set sports goals to encourage you to complete them to exercise more and more, and with iOS 16 you can set these goals and complete episodes without the need for the watch, but after initial trials it turned out that it did not come with all the benefits You can't set goals for standing or exercising... but you can set goals for daily movement.

Transfer E-sim via Bluetooth in iOS 16

iOS 16 beta testers found that you can now easily transfer an esim from one phone to another via Bluetooth only in Settings, but your service provider must support the feature so it's available in limited countries as of now.

Improvements for auto switching with AirPods

A beta update for AirPods was released this week, and unlike most speaker updates we know what this update does, and it improves the performance of automatic switching between your devices for a smoother experience.

Mess About MacBook Air Sizes

With the new MacBook Air approaching to be available for sale, analyzes and leaks ignited regarding the upcoming device sizes, as a number of analysts expected the launch of a new 15-inch size of the MacBook and another 12-inch, and shortly afterwards other analyzes returned to deny the release of a 12-inch device at any time. Close with probability increased to 15 inch size.

Disagreement about Stage Manager

Apple this month announced the Stage Manager feature with iPadOS 16, which brings the use of the iPad to personal computers more and more through greater support for external screens and the use of multiple windows at the same time, but a large number of users and media criticized the move to make the feature exclusive to devices with the M1 processor. On the other hand, Apple stated that it tested the feature on older devices and could not make it work due to its high requirements for the size and speed of temporary memory and storage.

Qualcomm challenges the M2, with the help of Apple engineers

The CEO of Qualcomm announced the company's new plans to surpass the power of the new Apple processors on the computer, with the help of former engineers who had worked at Apple before, which the company hired. This is a strong challenge, but it is not the first time we hear such a statement from either Qualcomm or Intel without getting real results.

The end of the role of the iPad as the center of your smart home

When you created an integrated smart home from Apple, you could use the iPad as a remote control center for the home and for other features such as coordinating the work of devices automatically, but with iOS 16 this feature will be canceled so that you can use either the Apple TV or the HomePod speaker only for this purpose.

Trying on shoes before buying from Amazon?

Amazon wants to bring in more buyers in all possible ways, and it has started testing a new feature on the iPhone application that allows the user to try on shoes via virtual reality to see if they fit or not before buying, but what about comfort? 🤔 The feature is only available with some shoes and is not everywhere yet.

Coming soon a paid subscription to Telegram

Telegram has worked as a non-profit application for a very long time, with great features and quick access to become one of the most popular applications. But it seems that the company now needs more money to manage the resources of the application. A paid subscription has been confirmed soon, which carries exclusive benefits for subscribers and also guarantees access to free benefits early before the rest of the users, while ensuring that the application as we know it remains free as well without placing barriers to force you to subscribe.

Goodbye Internet Explorer again

Microsoft has reduced support for the famous Internet Explorer browser in various forms at times, but now it has hammered the last nail in the coffin of the browser by canceling support completely after this week.

Free photoshop coming soon

In a change of strategy, Adobe announced that the new Photoshop, which you can use via the browser, is free to use, and the move comes initially in Canada, in preparation for expansion to many other regions around the world.

Games on Teams

Do you only use video calling software like Zoom and Teams from Microsoft for work and study? It seems that Microsoft wants to change this to have fun with colleagues and friends as the company is testing cross-platform games like Solitaire and other simple games on its Teams communications program.

A significant decline in Apple shares in the past months

After Apple's value reached the $3 trillion mark, the stock's value regressed in recent months until the company's value decreased by 25% in just a few months.

Facebook wants to get more addictive

Facebook's internal notes indicated that the developers of the application wanted to make it more like Tik Tok in the way of browsing, of course, in order for it to become more addictive for users to spend more times on it to earn more money. In the same context, the same notes indicated that Messenger conversations may return to the basic application and the Messenger application will be canceled, often for the same reason in order to be withdrawn to Facebook to check messages and from there you browse ads more and more.

Miscellaneous news:

◉ News about updates for the cheaper iPad with A14 chip, 5G capabilities and also a USB-C port for the first time.

◉ Performance tests of the new M2 chip for Mac have been announced and Apple's claim is confirmed with a 20% performance increase over its predecessor M1.

◉ The founder of Telegram stated that the company cannot make the best web application (on Safari for iPhone and iPad) due to Apple's restrictions on web applications on its devices.

◉ Amazon starts Prime service for free express delivery, video and a number of services in Egypt this week for 29 pounds per month or 249 pounds annually, which is equivalent to $13.25 for an annual subscription, which is lower than the price of the monthly subscription in the American market.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things that you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier for you And help you, and if I robbed you of your life and preoccupied you with it, then there is no need for it.


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