Clearing the RAM on the iPhone is very useful. Your iPhone may sometimes slow down, especially when trying to switch between or open apps, or when performing tasks with large apps. At other times, it may stop completely, and this you see is more common in old iPhone devices, as its components are no longer able to smoothly manage modern applications, but newer iPhone devices such as iPhone 13 may experience some slow or stop as well. . What is the solution to remedy these problems and make the iPhone faster?

Often times, the lag or sluggishness is because your phone's RAM may be full. RAM is where the processor stores short-term data, which it can call directly to run applications quickly. But when this memory starts to fill up, the processor may have very limited places to store short-term data and everything starts to slow down.

It is the nature of the iOS system that it treats this accumulation and starts scanning old places to replace them with new ones, “and this is what makes the iPhone the best phone.” With all these processes, there is not enough space on the RAM in addition to that the system is constantly working to empty new places on the RAM It is cumbersome for the iPhone and affects its work negatively at times.

Despite what we have mentioned, you should know that no operating system is completely infallible, sometimes and for any reason everything may not be managed as effectively as possible, and the RAM may be full and then problems may arise.

When this happens on a computer, you close the applications that are running in the background which addresses these issues. But on the iPhone, the background apps are already stopped working and not using the RAM, so that's not the problem and closing them doesn't do anything.

To solve the problem of full RAM on the iPhone, there is a way to manually wipe it, and slow and lagging issues are often fixed. Here's how.

How to clean the RAM on the iPhone

First, if you're using an iPhone without a physical home button, you'll need to enable Assistive Touch, you'll know why later, and if your phone has a physical button, don't worry about this step.

◉ Go to “Settings”, then click on “Accessibility”. Select Touch, then tap AssistiveTouch. At the top of the next page, turn on AssistiveTouch.

You will now see a circular button on the screen. Click this button to bring up the touch options menu, the option we will use next is the Home button. Then you will need to go into the shutdown menu and it will be a different menu than the one we normally use to turn off.

◉ Unlock your phone, and in quick succession, press the volume up button, then press the volume down button, then press the lock button until the power off menu appears.

The shutdown screen will appear which is for a force restart, and looks different from the normal shutdown menu you use to shut down your phone normally, which has an emergency SOS option, while the shutdown and troubleshooting menu is not. Note the picture:

◉ While in the desired shutdown menu, tap the AssistiveTouch button to bring up the menu. After that, long press the home button. If you are using an iPhone with a physical button, just hold down the button.

◉ A lock screen will appear, and this indicates that you have done the operation correctly, to clear your RAM, enter your passcode and here the problem of lagging and slowness will be fixed.

◉ To test the success of the operation, swipe up and hold to the middle of the screen to open the app switcher, every app you opened will restart when you tap it, this is how you know that the system memory has been cleared and cleaned.

Now you know how to clean the memory of the iPhone, and make the iPhone faster and more efficient, but note do not use this trick frequently because with closing all applications and cleaning the memory It will consume the batteryUse it only if you really feel that your device is slow or something is wrong.

Have you ever faced the problem of iPhone slowdown or sudden shutdown? Try the method and tell us the results in the comments.



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