After a few hours it starts Apple Developers Conference (WWDC 2022) This year the conference is different because the expectations are high and we are very excited to see what Apple will offer this year. This year’s conference is different from last year. Apple has invited some developers to attend the conference, and although the entire conference experience will be via Internet broadcast, it will be different from the previous two years with the presence of the press and developers, and Apple announced the availability of a live broadcast on the conference date. In the following lines, you will know how to watch the live broadcast, follow the conference and learn about the latest developments.

The picture shows the dates of the Apple conference broadcast in the capitals of Arab countries, and at the time of the conference, you can watch the conference through the live broadcast via YouTube, or through the Apple website directly from any browser, or through the Apple TV application.

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We hope that you will be a follower of the site through the iPhone Islam application, where you can know the time remaining until the Apple conference, and you can show this feature at any time by clicking on the iPhone Islam logo.

Also, with the story feature, you will find a story dedicated to the conference, on which we will publish many special news and exclusive information.

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Of course, as we have in iPhone Islam, we will publish an article that brings together the most important things that came from the conference and explains everything in a simple way. So don't worry if you don't want to follow the live broadcast.

Are you excited for this year's conference, and will you be watching the live broadcast?

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