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Lots of fans and users are waiting for IPhone The iPhone 14 launch conference for Apple in September of this year 2022 and if you are waiting for the conference and see the new device, I would like to tell you that the price of the iPhone 14 will be more than $ 100 for the iPhone 13, read on to find out why.

IPhone 14

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said that Apple intends to increase the price of the iPhone 14 by $100 due to the additional costs incurred by its supply chain.

Not only that, besides increasing component prices, there are rising inflation rates, the semiconductor crisis and even disruptions in the supply chain. These additional expenses, of course, will not be borne by Apple, so who will bear them, you (my friend)

Also, “Ben Wood” of the analytics company CCS Insight sees the same thing, as he believes that Apple will make some difficult decisions about the pricing of the iPhone 14, and adds another reason other than inflation and disruption to the supply chain, which is the high exchange rates in some countries such as the United Kingdom and India.

Will the iPhone 14 price go up?

Ben Wood believes that given the difficult conditions and the high cost of living on a lot, Apple may decide not to increase prices because this may backfire on sales of the new iPhone, and this is what it does not want.

This may seem logical, given the leaks and rumors that indicate that Camel It will use its A15 processor on regular iPhone 14 models (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max) with the old processor renamed the A16.

While it will use the new processor A16 (it will be called the A16 Pro) with models Pro models (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max). Thus, even with the high costs and prices of components, the company will maintain the price of higher models of the iPhone without a significant increase.

iPhone 14 assortment

Apple is said to be planning to discontinue the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini (up to $699) this year. Instead, the 14-inch iPhone 6.7 Max is supposed to join the lineup.

Shutting down the smaller model will cause the new iPhone to start at $799. The new 6.7-inch Max will probably cost another $100 and let's not forget the more expensive Pro models.

In the end, we must say that fortunately there is the iPhone SE, which is cheap compared to other versions of the iPhone, with a price of $ 429.

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