We ask God to accept the efforts of the pilgrims and magnify their reward (and we hope that they will remember us with supplication), and whoever did not perform Hajj this year, we pray to God to gather us with him in His Sacred House next year, and as we congratulate you all on Eid and hope that it will be happy for you and us and the Islamic nation as a whole, we affirm that we carry This year, a surprise for you, a new application coming from the iPhone Islam.

New application from iPhone Islam

Last year and on Eid al-Adha, we launched the Al Fanous appIt is the only application that uses artificial intelligence to search the Holy Qur’an, and it was built not only to be an advanced Qur’anic researcher, but to be the companion of every lover of the Holy Qur’an.

This year we also wanted to present a new and distinctive application, and it will also be launched on Eid, but unfortunately the work was not finished in time, so we will give you a brief overview of the application, let us know your opinion, and tell us whether such an idea might be useful to you.

Many of you have noticed that the read content has decreased in popularity, especially in the new generation, and most young people now derive their information from videos (Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube). So we thought, what if we take the textual Arabic content and through an application and with the click of a button, it can be converted into a video by adding some images with a sound that is very close to the real one, and then easily publish the video. Or you can take this text as an audio file and use your favorite video editor app to make a great video all from your iPhone or iPad.

This video was made as an experiment using sounds from the new app, there are other videos on Our Youtube Channel

The idea is not new

Yes, it is true, the idea is not new. But, but, but No one before has used the modern technologies that appeared to produce a semi-human voice, whether from Google, Microsoft or Amazon, and took advantage of them in an easy-to-use application with tools to modify this voice to be as natural as possible, and then with the click of a button convert this human comment into a video or audio file that can be used by video editing applications, all with a mixture of speed, fluidity, and attention to detail.

In this video, we show you some of the capabilities of the application, for example, note that the text is almost free of diacritics, and despite this the pronunciation is done almost correctly, and this is very difficult with the Arabic language, and with the addition of some improvements, we hope that the pronunciation will be better than this. But note something else, you can change the dialect, for example, the Syrian dialect is wonderful and somewhat natural, and there are many dialects and sounds, and notice how you can differentiate between the voice of a man and a woman when choosing sounds.

Another feature is the ability to control words or phrases separately, for example, notice the phrase “they remember us with supplication,” how we made it clearer than the normal text, and also the second paragraph we converted to a woman’s voice. Simple clicks and you can do awesome things to have a great sound, either for your videos, your presentations or even send audio information to your friends who don't like long message readers.

There is still a lot of work to do to get the app ready for publication (we don't even have a name for it yet), and we are trying to work hard to provide a useful app not only for Arab users but for all users around the world. The app supports all languages ​​and has hundreds of voices, all using the latest Techniques In some languages, you can even choose the feeling of the speaker, whether he is happy, sad or excited, for example, and there are many features to come, God willing.

First you pray for us well, then tell us do you find such an application useful for you? What do you suggest and what features do you think are essential and should be added, and if you have any other comments or suggestions we are happy to contact us

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