Apple has added a battery status feature in the tracker Air Tag So that the user will be able to know when it's time to replace the battery but it looks like the company has decided to get rid of the battery case in the AirTag, read on to find out the real reason why Apple intentionally removed the battery case in the AirTag.

AirTag tracking tool

Apple had launched the AirTag tracking tool, which can be linked to a number of your items such as a keychain, wallet or even a bag, and then you can track any item where the tool plays a sound to find out the location of the item or through the iPhone through the Find My application to find out the location of the item precisely.

In previous versions of iOS, a small battery icon similar to the iPhone battery status could be seen below the tracker name and location when opening the Find My app. Although it did not provide the user with a percentage of the battery status, it did tell you the approximate battery status through colors. Gray indicates that the battery is still working at full capacity and when the battery is very low, the indicator turns red with an alert to the user telling him that the battery needs to be replaced, but with iOS 15.6 and the latest beta version of iOS 16, Apple decided to get rid of the battery status This feature no longer exists.

What's the reason

Says Camel The AirTag's battery life is up to one year (according to normal use, play sound 4 times and locate once per day) this means that the battery is not power hungry and can continue to work for a long time.

Apple did not talk about this officially, but experts and analysts believe that it chose to get rid of the battery status indicator in the AirTag tracker due to the ongoing problems caused by it, as it was often inaccurate and some users found that the indicator tells them that the battery is no longer working, but it was Others received notifications that the battery was replaced even though they only used the tracker once, so Apple decided to remove the feature and the user can now rely only on the notification that appears to him when the battery efficiency drops significantly, and this is when the battery should be replaced.

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