Usually, the iPhone is the most important event for Apple during the conference that takes place in the fall, and even when the company unveiled its first watch during the conference announcing the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the iPhone was the focus of everyone’s attention and was not stolen Apple Watch Smartphone lights from it, but it seems that this fall will be different, and despite waiting a lot for the launch event of the iPhone 14 family, the eighth generation of the Apple Watch may snatch the lights this time, read on to learn about 5 rumors that explain how the Apple smart watch will be developed This year 2022.

New style with different design

During the last period, There are persistent rumors about a new model (known as the Pro) With a streamlined design, larger screen, durable chassis, plus new features aimed at extreme sports, although the Apple Watch Pro will be expensive, coming at $ 899, it will represent an expansion in the Apple smartwatch product line.

New SE on the way

When the $279 Apple Watch was launched in 2020, it was a great choice for many as it fell between the third-generation ($199) and seventh-generation Apple Watch (starting at $399) with a modern design with fewer features and sensors at an affordable price.

And now that it's two years old, it looks like it needs an update, so rumors say that Apple is planning to launch a new model of SE this year with additional features such as a faster processor and support for conducting electrocardiograms (ECG) and this will make it more exciting and if it lowers its price to 249 dollars it will be The demand for it is great.

The third generation will end

You may wonder why Apple might consider reducing the price of its smart watch SE, because the evidence indicates that the company intends to get rid of the third generation of its smart watch and the reason is that the third generation Apple Watch comes with fewer capabilities and is smaller in size and does not provide value for the price and that is why the new SE model may replace its place.

Better battery life

Battery life has always been a weak point in the Apple Watch, but there are rumors that Apple may add a larger battery to the new Pro model and after that, battery life will be increased in other versions of the watch. There is also a Power Reserve mode that turns off all functions With the exception of the small digital clock, but the rumored new Low Power Mode is expected to provide a more useful way to conserve power. According to reports, the watch will be able to conserve battery by turning off some iPhone-style features, which means extending battery life for more time.

new sensor

The seventh generation Apple Watch did not get any new sensors, but it is said that the eighth generation will get a new and very useful sensor, which will be Able to measure temperature It tracks the menstrual cycle and also alerts the user if he has a fever.

As we are still dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the ability to detect fever and rise in temperature will be a very important health feature, which will give preference to the Apple Watch.

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