We talked on article Previous that the conflict between the two giants, Apple and Facebook, is not a product of the moment, but extends for many years, specifically since Steve Jobs led the company, and because Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg knows this that his archenemy is not Tik Tok or another company, but rather the maker of the iPhone, describing the relationship between his company and Apple on It is a very deep philosophical competition, the winner of which will chart the direction the Internet should take.

Facebook and Apple

In an internal meeting of Meta employees (formerly Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg said that the competition between his company and Apple is very deep and who will win in the end, it is us who will determine the future of technology and how metaverses work.

Of course it's no secret that Meta and Apple have been in fierce competition for several years but the competition has escalated in recent years over privacy and different methods of user tracking.

Competition is set to heat up as the two companies appear to be taking a different strategy in their quest to build metaverses (in short, a mix of virtual and augmented world). Meta began her journey with metaverse when she revealed her vision for the future of the internet and the release of virtual reality glasses.

Apple and Metaverse

Apple has not yet entered the field, but it is about to do so, as it intends to launch the first glasses for virtual and augmented reality in early 2023. In response to a question from one of the employees about how this will affect Meta, Zuckerberg replied that the competition will not only be about providing the best devices for Metaverse. But it would be a competition from a philosophical point of view.

Founder explained Facebook “For our part, we are trying to build a more open ecosystem and trying to make more things interoperable with Android. In other words, we are trying to develop metaverse in a way that you can transfer your virtual goods from one world to another without any problem.” “On the contrary, Apple believes in doing everything itself and tries to integrate that tightly to build a better consumer experience similar to its closed ecosystem and on the other hand, Meta strives to create an open and large ecosystem.”

However, Zuckerberg admitted that it is not clear which strategy will be most suitable for metaverse, whether it is Apple's closed system or the open-to-all Meta system, no one knows yet.

If we look at computers, although Macs are great, Windows was able to be the best and most convenient system for many, also for mobile phones, the Android system is more prevalent than iOS, but in developed countries such as America or Europe, the balance tends to be i iPhone, which is why Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world.

how to win dead

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta could win if it could attract over a billion people to metaverse and then have them shop and spend hundreds of dollars in digital commerce there. Its strategy is open to all.

Finally, Mark summed up the competition between META and Apple as more than just a struggle over metaviruses, it will also determine the future of the Internet. Because it is not about a company that has a closed system and a device with some features, but the competition is deep and greater than that. Apple wants the Internet and pioneering future technologies like metaverses to be as closed as its ecosystem. Meta, on the contrary, would like metaverses and the Internet to be open and accessible systems for everyone, no one knows who will win in the end.

How about you, are you with Facebook's open strategy or prefer Apple's closed strategy with better user experience, tell us in the comments


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