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On Eid, we talked about a new application coming, and we said that this application solves the problem of creating visual content or videos, as many of you have noticed that readable content has decreased in popularity, especially in the new generation, and most young people now derive their information from videos (Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube) , so we thought what if we took the Arabic textual content and through an application and with the click of a button, it could be converted into a video by adding some images with a sound that is very close to the real one, and then easily publish the video. Or you can take this text as an audio file and use your favorite video editor app to make a great video all from your iPhone or iPad.

What makes Voice-Over AI so special?

Voice-Over AI | Text To Speech
Available on the software store

🎙 There is no doubt that text-to-speech applications are widespread, even the iPhone Islam application is found in the Tools section Text to Voice tool This tool converts the text into an audio file that you can use in your videos, but it uses the voices of Apple, which are voices that are not very efficient, and do not resemble human voices in any way, and certainly the recipient will not like this automated voice, unlike the Voice-Over AI application that uses only natural sounds No audio is included unless it uses the latest artificial intelligence technology.

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💼 Lots of text-to-speech tools, you cannot use the output of their voices in videos for any non-personal purpose, because these voices have rights and are for personal use only, unlike Voice-Over AI application, you can use voices in business and videos on all social media sites.

📼 In this video, notice how the sounds are very natural, and the speaking style has changed from a firm style to an excited style, even whispering, and how sound effects can be added from the same application.

🇸🇦 The application supports more than 129 languages ​​and many dialects for each language and the voices reach more than 700 voices and all are natural sounds only, the application also supports two artificial intelligence engines, each of them has its own sounds. The interface of the application at the moment only supports the English language, and Arabic and the rest of the languages ​​are being supported, but as we were told only in the interface, the application itself supports the Arabic language surprisingly.

See for yourself, we easily converted an article”What was the first app you installed on your iPhone?To a video in several minutes…


The app is free to try

You can download the Voice-Over AI app for free to try, it supports up to 100 characters at a time, but if you like the app, you will have to subscribe, there is a temporary offer and a discounted price for the first month, and the reason we can't make the app free is the high cost we pay for these voices and also so that you have rights to use these sounds.

Voice-Over AI | Text To Speech
Available on the software store

Download the application and try it, you will not lose anything. On the contrary, it will be an amazing experience, and you may be able to make a video like this one…

What do you think of this new app? Can you help us spread it, surely it will be a useful tool for many creative users

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