Apple released the update iOS 16.0.2 Few days ago to fix some issues that iPhone 14 users faced which include camera shake, copy and paste notifications between apps, device crashes when transferring data to another device, black screen while setting up the device, and now there is a new issue that can cause the email app to crash on iPhone XNUMX. The iPhone.

Mail app problem

The problem discovered by VPN Tracker affects the email app on the iPhone and causes it to crash and the app to crash if opened. This glitch occurs when someone types a certain code in the From field and sends you mail, then the email app is instantly disabled and the user can't open their email app again and this problem currently affects any iOS 16 device.

The specific code that leads to the problem is two quotes that the hacker uses instead of the regular email address, for example, instead of using the email [email protected] You get the message like this “”

How to bypass this problem

There is an easy way to prevent your email from getting stuck due to this problem, but it requires that you have access to your mail in some other way away from the iPhone, you need to open the mail app on another device or online through, once you do that Delete the spam email and this will fix this bug and you can then use the Mail app on the iPhone without any problem.

Finally, this particular bug in the Mail application affects iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 and does not affect Mac devices, and if you have a Gmail or Yahoo account, there is no problem and will not be affected as the two services filter and remove such spam emails, and Apple was informed of the problem and it will An update is coming soon to fix the problem and block this type of malicious email.

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