Apple launched IOS 16 update For all users of iPhone devices starting from the iPhone 8 to the latest, and it is no secret that the update came with many features that exceed in total more than 350 features, we dealt with some of them during the trial versions, such as The feature to bypass annoying captcha codes، And new features in Siri، Home screen features and personalization وAll new features in the Photos and Camera app. And other great features that we will write about in detail and how to exploit and deal with them with an adequate and easy explanation, and our goal is to make the most of the iPhone in your hands and improve your experience, and make you proud that you are a technical expert in everything related to the iPhone. In this article, we will address How to remove backgrounds and isolate objects from a photo in more than one place on the iPhone and saved or pasted to another place.

Remove backgrounds and isolate objects from the image

An exciting new feature that lets you instantly lift something from a photo, and separate it from the background. Once extracted, you can paste, save or drop it wherever you want as a new image, and you can even make it a sticker in messaging apps.

Before that, you had to use a third party app like…

BG Remover AI

Now, you can easily lift and cut objects in photos without the need for an additional application. Apple included the feature in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS 13.

The feature works within Photos, Files, Messages, Safari and apps that use Quick Look, as well as in screenshots.

Apple's demo, shown below, shows how a dog can be isolated from the background in an image and then dragged and dropped into the Messages app.

How does separating objects from images work?

If you are going to print an image of something and cut it completely with scissors “using other apps and software”, you can place the clip anywhere, in any other image, and this is the same concept in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. When you cut out part of the image using the new feature, you erase It erases the background of the image, makes everything around the cut part transparent, saves the result as a new image in PNG format and uses it for many purposes.

Apple says about the feature:

It feels like magic, it's actually the product of advanced machine learning, which is accelerated by CoreML's advanced image-recognition technology, and the Neural Engine to perform 40 billion operations in just fractions of a second.

You can cut an object from all types of image files, including screenshots, JPEGs, portraits, live photos, RAW files, videos, and more. Separation and clipping will be clear between the objects and the background.

The feature only works on devices with an A12 Bionic chip or later. This means that the feature will not work on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

How to separate objects from photos on iPhone

There are several ways you can cut an object from a photo in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. The method you will use depends on your app and how the photo or video is displayed.

For selfies and any non-animated image formats, use the most appropriate method below. The same applies to live photos, and you can also turn off “Live” for live photos to try the separation function of objects on a static copy of the photo. For videos, you need to pause the video and make sure the object is clear.

The clearer the image is between the background and the object we want to separate, the smoother it will be. If the photo or video is not clear, you may not be able to separate anything.

Open the Copy or Share menu

Open your photo from the Photos app, Messages, or any other supported app. Then touch and hold the object or object that you want to cut out of the image, and release your finger when you see a glowing line around the subject or object to be separated. The Copy and Share menu will appear when you leave, and then you can:

◉ Click on “Copy” to add the new image file to your clipboard. And you can then paste it somewhere in another app.

◉ Press “Share” to open the posts window, where you can copy the new image to your clipboard, save it to photos or files, make it the profile picture of one of your contacts, send it in messages, or share it on social networking sites, and so on.

Drag and drop

Open your photo in Photos, Messages, or any other supported app. Then touch and hold the object or objects you want to cut. You'll see a glowing line around it, but don't let go of it yet. Instead, drag the object or objects away from the original image until it shrinks.

While holding the image, use another finger to switch to another app and select where you want to place the image file. Then leave the new image to drop as needed.

Long press on the image in the files

Open your photo in the Files app or any other supported app. In Files, go to the directory where the image is located, but do not open the image. Alternatively, long-press on the file to open its quick action menu. In the menu, you should see an option for Quick Actions, tap on it to see more options. Then select Remove Background.

Once you click on Remove Background, the theme extracted from the image will be saved as a PNG file in the same directory.

Long press on photos anywhere in Safari

Open your photo in Safari or any other supported app. In Safari, you can be in an article with multiple images, a search results page with many images, view a copy of the image on a website, view an image, etc. You can cut something from an image wherever it appears picture anywhere.

Long press on the image you want to extract something from to open the quick action menu. In the menu, click on “Copy Subject” and you will have copied the PNG image of the isolated object to your clipboard. Then, move it to any app you want and paste it as needed.

With these methods that we mentioned, it becomes clear to you when it is easy and simple to separate a part or object from an image and dispose of it as you want, without any complications, and we see it very useful in making logos or thumbnails for a video topic on YouTube or any other social networking site.

What do you think of the feature to separate objects from photos on iOS 14? Give the feature a try and tell us in the comments.


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