After hours (you can via Fone Islam application Watching the countdown by pressing the application logo on the main screen) is a few iPhone 2022 launch conference begins And also perhaps the launch of some new products and surprises prepared by Apple, and we all hope that Apple will dazzle us with new features that are not mentioned in Recent leaks. Apple announced the availability of a live broadcast on the conference date, and in the following lines, you know how to watch this live broadcast.

The previous image shows the dates of the Apple conference broadcast in the capitals of Arab countries, and at the time of the conference, you can watch the live broadcast through Apple website. You can also watch the broadcast on Her Twitter account. You can also watch the broadcast via Apple channel on YouTube.

And of course, as we have done in iPhone Islam, we will publish an article that brings together the most important things that came in the conference and explains everything in a simple way.

Are you excited to see what's new with Apple at the iPhone launch conference, and will you be watching the live broadcast?

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